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    The art of seeking Feedback

    Since we are human beings, it is but natural that we go through a huge variety of experiences, good and bad.

    It is also natural that when we are affected by some negative experience, we loose our cool and engage in some verbal abuse with whomsoever is the contributor to that experience, or someone who can do something about that experience.

    Years ago, I had to board a flight to Udaipur from Mumbai. However, the flight was delayed due to bad weather at night. The reason was that since it was peak of winter, the authorities were even thinking of cancelling the flight. Finally, after a gap of two hours, the flight took off, but somewhere in the middle of the flight, the concerned authorities said the flight was being routed to New Delhi, where we would stay on for the night and in the morning, would be taken by a flight to Ahmedabad in the early morning and from there would reach Udaipur through surface transport (car).

    All the passengers were engaged in a huge duel with the concerned officer on arrival at Delhi. A few somehow saw the opportunity and hopped on to another flight to Udaipur, whereas our flight did not go beyond New Delhi.

    The opportunity helped me to make at least two new friends. This also taught me how to take it easy. All the three of us chatted late into the night, and in the early morning, were woken up to reach the airport. The flight to Ahmedabad was a very nice one, and we are immediately shifted to a decent car. The driver was a seasoned professional who stopped for our breakfast at a nice place.

    During the journey, we went past so many fields and were surprised to find common village folk, helping us with good and fresh drinking water. I did ask my friends whether I had done the right thing by not rushing on with the others to board the connecting flight.

    One of my new friends, at least eight years younger to me, firmly said no. He said that such delays are common and we should learn to accept things as they came. There is no point in landing at Udaipur at such a late hour, was his argument.

    Anyway, the journey was over, and we were happy at the end of it all. I did not loose my cool at all. I was hugely influenced by this young man, who was happy reading a book for most of the time in the flight.

    The art of seeking feedback is simple. There should never be ego, there should a larger purpose of asking ourselves many questions, answers for which, we seek from others. We should of course, choose these "others", as we need to eliminate all the negative minded and peevish persons from the list.

    We need to restrict ourselves to those who are our well wishers and also our near and dear family members, who get to see us, much more than anyone else, outside the family circle.

    The more we become aware of ourselves, the better. We should be aware that all our unconscious behavior is watched by others. Feedback is a very useful tool to correct ourselves.
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    In this competitive world along having priorities in the mind we want to fix every appointments in time bot often & because of new schedules we need to go through the interference but still few may get delayed. This could be due to traffic or in case the internet goes down that the things again got rescheduled.

    Although this remains the part of life & we know that this would happen again but instead of coming up the better options we began to feel irritated or impatience. This is often the times that bad decisions are taken which further lead to additional troubles which could have been avoided by keeping ourselves calm.

    There are times in our life that is mishandled then we can be into great loss. Like as if we had a meeting with the boss & you come up with untimely justification then the outcome wouldn't be suited. If this is the case with your best friend then you can lose the friendship because of no reason or that we faced a trouble.

    We nee some understanding with sharing of information from the experts.

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    After reading this post I recollected when one of my relative went to a super market for purchasing some grocery and even before paying the bill , she was asked to append the ratings on how the service was. Actually such feedback has to be taken after the customer comes out or by sending e mail or whats app message to the customer. By taking the view before hand the forcing the customers to write good about the stores and thus it is not the real feed back what they are insisting but a hush up activity. Feedback must be from the heart of the customers and that should not be forced on them.
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    @Absivakumar. Have you by mistake combined two thread or I haven't understood the thread properly.

    The title and the last three paragraphs match but the content prior to this relates to a life's situation and how people react to it.

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