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    Is Gender Bias Towards Man Is Justified In Our Society!

    In any instance wherein there is a fight between a man & a woman then for sure we will come to the conclusion that the man must have committed something which is not justified so in this way the woman always plays with a victim card.

    In whatever ways but the woman are also found out to be into unlawful activities. Triple driving or driving without helmet or driving on the wrong side or drunk driving could be few. They can also be seen in creating unsuited selfies or using abusive words or speaking of nuisance for the opposite sex & so on. In case of confusion, anyone can access the same as everything is in now internet. What we need to do is to type the similar or desired words that we are looking for & everything is listed.

    So instead of the above, we carry on with a common belief.

    Have we ever think of this side also?
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    Sir, your point is well taken.

    However, I wish to point out that the instances where women breach the law or do any harm to men, or even to a single man, is absolutely less when compared to the atrocities against women.

    This is not to say that there are no bad women. In fact, the entire Tamil Nadu, is up in flames for one major sex scandal, in the past fifteen days, where one college professor has shamelessly asked for sexual favors from her own girl students, in a small town, near Madurai.

    She was caught doing this on whats up and a huge police probe is on. No one really knows who the big fish really are. The name of the present Governor of Tamil Nadu, is doing the rounds too. What we need to notice in this regard, is the outpouring of emotions of a huge mass of people, who are now on the streets, protesting for a CBI probe.

    This scandal has exposed the nexus between the lady and some powerful people, whose names she has never given so far. She is said to have even told the police that her life is in danger.

    Yes Sir, there are women of this kind. There are also women who poke fun at the not-so-good looking young men, or innocent men and play with their lives. I have heard such instances but they are few and far between.

    Yes, we should think of the other side too, on its own merits and do something so quickly, in this regard.

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    The present situation is that, the law is fully supporting the women and even if she wont complaint and others give complaint with the police , the action taken would be immediate and that is in her favor. I have also seen that women who want to take vengeance against some male can use this against him and get him punished for no fault of him. The law never listens to the male and at the first sight itself he will be beater black and blue by the cops and in that situation males have to suffer in silence. It is better not to meddle with females or others affairs and get entangled with problems in future.
    K Mohan
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Comparatively fewer women commit crimes, offences and other mischiefs. The men have the major role in such activities. Historically men had dominated them and still in many parts of society they are the weaker ones.

    Today situation is drastically changed. Law and lawmaking agencies hear the problems and griefs of the women carefully.

    Their applications against atrocities are seen with utmost concern. Some of them are taking advantage out of this by simply alleging a colleague or a friend. To that extent it is a unhealthy trend.

    Knowledge is power.

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    When compared to men women will be less in number who are at fault. So general impression is that women are generally better. So public will also support ladies only. In fact in villages these days also women will be very innocent. But in cities slowly the women are becoming more active and many of them are competing with men in all fields. But they enjoy always the benefit of doubt for their favour.
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    Unlawful activities remains unlawful activities & doesn't matter carried by whom & in what numbers. Also, we are justifying the incidences when we discuss that in comparison to woman the man are involved in unlawful activities are more in numbers.

    Suppose that there is an injustice or a crime act then should we be talking about the gender bias in the society & victim play card or the focus should be on the crime & the investigation with no compromise on the facts.

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    The rules are the same for men and women. Only our sympathy and perception of women that is different. We live in a society wherein we do not bother when a man smokes or drinks alcohol but we raise eyebrows when we see women smoking or having a drink at a resturant or other common places that allow liquour and smoking.

    We have grown up with the idea and acceptance that man can only or man only often commits mistakes, fights, breaking traffic rules, cheating and crimes. So, it's just the perception, both can commit these acts and be viewed differently in the eyes of the common public only small difference being, the chances of getting away lightly (except legally) is often better for women than men.

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