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    Still miles to go before we sleep

    Recently our country has achieved a feat of getting 100% electrified. With the Manipur's rural and faraway village
    Leisang village becoming electrified- for the first time that we can say that every village is electrified now.
    Although it is in accordance with to the age-old definition of getting at least 10% household getting electrified but still even this wasn't reached till now but now every village is able to give electricity connection to the villagers.
    But this is not where we should stop and celebrate this is where we should think about all those people who are still far away from this dream of seeing lightning bulbs in their houses.
    There are many places which couldn't be considered village but still people reside theirs in small hamlets. The government should try to make electricity reach possible for every household across the country.
    And should refer to the poem by Robert frost "miles to go before we sleep".
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    This proverb is also having great meaning for every government has they promise to deliver and they much achieve the feet. But what is more surprising that we took more than 70 years to achieve this rare feat. That means the previous governments were not caring and for them people's basic necessities are not the things to be attended. Nevertheless instead of boasting ourselves, we must feel ashamed that all these years the political parties are asking votes from those villages and yet not given them the status of total electrification. Not only electricity even roads are the problems in many villages.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    India is a big country and such ambitious plans of electrification or road transport or employment or primary medical help or things like that take a long time for any Govt and can be termed as a herculean task. Still to some extent Govt is able to put things in right squares by gradually moving ahead in the direction to achieve them.

    The task of development is never complete. More you do more the expectations rise. Anyway the present scenario is quite optimistic and with such efforts we are definitely be going in a progressive path.

    Knowledge is power.

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    There are a total of 597464 villages that are electrified as per the 10% rule. The present government electrified 18452 villages. The rest of the 579012 villages were electrified by the previous governments. The statement that the previous governments did nothing to electrify the villages is baseless. Check the facts before responding. The cartoon in the newspaper "The Hindu" of 02-05-2018, illustrates the point very well.

    "Rome is not built in a day." So also the important and large works spread all over the country take a long time to complete. It is a continuous process. The country getting fully electrified is no mean achievement. In spite of the 10% definition, it is something to be proud about. Hope that every household in the country gets electricity in due course.

    " Be Good and Do Good "

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    KVVR Sir, you have hit the nail on the head. Modi has happily been riding on whatever the previous Governments had done, and has been making only tall claims.

    His number two, Mr Amit Shah is possibly one of the best actors who can beat any Bollywood actor and put him to shame. As you have rightly pointed out Sir, even Tamil Nadu, which is fully electrified cannot claim so, in very strict terms. As pointed out by you, several tribal areas have little electricity, or none at all.

    This is almost in keeping with the tall claims made on several fronts. Mr Shah proudly announced that post GST, prices will fall. On the other hand, the common man is having a horrible time with GST around his neck at every single transaction. The great Finance Minister would never duties on petrol.

    So, we end up paying the highest price for petrol, even when the international prices have crashed. This is absolute rubbish. It is ridiculous. Every single claim made by the ruling party is full of lies, and bad lies. The deposit rates are never allowed to be increased by so many concessions given to the rich, have only made them even richer.

    I request members to seriously read KVRR 's input.

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    These are all politics & everyone is in race of showing that they have more achievements then others. Although we can't deny the fact that we really did few things but still we are more divided from within then being united as one. We are not united but few of us belongs to one specific caste, community & religion, We are further subdivided into SC, ST, Backward etc. We have added one another religion as "Lingayat". There would be other issues as well like during independence the value of one rupee was equivalent to the value of one dollar but later on we find much difference within these. Our per capita income remained below of average of world per capita income during Congress regime. We are also aware of the fact that this party continues with its strategy to go against any of the important projects like the Demonetizations & GST wherein the Congress leadership still continued to object for its implementation quoting as Gabbar Singh Tax. For our information, the world at large has appreciated the bold steps taken by the current government.

    Who is responsible for all these?

    The others who are supporting the governance of the Congress Party rule of 70 years need to note that whenever there was hung parliament, then it was only because of the Congress party. There is Japan who got independence almost the same time like our country but the Japan has the biggest of the economy & need not to tell that we think of our country. This clears all.

    At the most they never supported the Hindu culture & Hindi sentiments. We come to know about the above because of the technological advancement or else we would have in darkness.

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    Again a thread is getting sidetracked. A good achievement, 100% electrification. Taking credit for good things is common in politics, but here the credit should go to the previous governments too.
    With regards to the content and the title, what it means is that we have achieved something but much more needs to be done. A good step forward for the Indian people, I hope we reach the next target also( every household to have electricity by end of December 2018).

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    We should be happy that 100% electrification is achieved. Credit goes to government and to the sincere tax payers of the country. It is common in our country that foundation stone will be laid by one government and the other government will get it opened. So as a citizen of this country we should be happy for the development. Let all the politicians claim that their party is responsible.
    always confident

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