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    We must learn from Japan on how "productive protests" are done ?

    Like in India , even in Japan the workers would go out for strike or dharna to press for their demands. But the main difference is that the buses would ply, they wont take the fare from the public and thus the people are not put to inconvenience. Where as in India during total shut down called by the parties, the buses stay put inside the depots and they are not taken out. Most of the Indian people and workers depend on public transport to reach their destination and on total shut down days, they loose one day salary due to absenteeism.
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    In our country, people have already got a standard notion about agitation and strike. They will try to disrupt the things as much as possible so that due to so much disorder the authorities will be forced to take some measures which generally go in the favour of employees especially in Govt sector.

    Japan has a different culture altogether and in that respect, it may not be possible to imbibe that here due to our inherent democratic bureaucratic setup.

    Knowledge is power.

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    It's all about the intentions & outcome.

    In India, often these are motivated by any political party which kept on raising the issues not for fulfilling the demand but instead carrying out their political motives. This small movement acts as an attraction to the lots of local leaders belonging to different political parties. So instead of settling down soon this goes on to the high rampage.

    I want to mention my personal experience wherein one of the ACC Refractory Division Plant had to be shut down because of incurring losses. Although, the company had some adjustments in context to the employment but the same couldn't get implemented in the proper manner. What happened during the time was that the local politicians & the leaders also got themselves involved with the employees & the whole matter got shifted to different purpose. It wasn't good as the employee couldn't get shifted to another plants & few of them had to resign because of no reason.

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    We can only dream of productive protests in India. Unlike in Japan, the buses would stay in the depots because of the fear of vandalism, destruction and harm to the staff.

    Whenever their is total bandh given, if the local shopkeepers start opening their shops early, the workers of the party calling the bandh will come and threaten. The idea of bandh in India most means violence, disrupting the normal life.

    Most leaders calling the bandh have a wrong notion that the degree of success of a bandh is directly realted to the degree of hardship faced by the common public on that day.

    I recollect during a bandh in the past, kids being in school, the situation was tense with sporadic violence. Parents went in groups to collect children from school and bring them home safely because the school buses were stopped. Unless the leaders and vested interests change, unproductive bandhs would be common.

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