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    Do you wear a ring in your finger?

    In many societies, wearing rings in fingers is very common. Some wear it for cosmetic purpose while some wear it for good luck. Wearing a ring in memory of your beloved is also very common.

    Every child when grows up sometimes have a fancy for these rings and may start wearing the same as provided by parents or relatives.

    There is a huge market in the world including our country for these rings, especially the golden ones studded with gemstones or ordinary shining stones.

    Do you have such a ring in your finger? What do you feel about it? Please share your thoughts.
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    Wearing a ring is considered a matter of pride. To the best of my knowledge, many men like to wear some gold, in whatever form. Ring is the most common form of this practice.

    I do not think wearing of rings has anything to do with any religious practice. Women also wear rings, though this is not so common in most parts of India.

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    Though I have gold rings, I seldom wear it for varied reasons. Since my travelling by two wheeler is huge, the rings get unshaped and cannot be taken off or worn again. Moreover I am averse to wearing the ring as it only boast of our wealth status and nothing more than that. What I feel that golden ornaments are for the ladies to wear to enhance the beauty and looks and not for the males. I have seen some males wearing rings on all fingers in both the hands and it looks shabby and also portrays that he is mad. And I am also averse to wearing gold chains around the neck and that would be irksome during summer.
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    Yes, I wear a ring of silver and Rubi in my finger for good luck. I feel that it really works. After wearing a ring I have observed everything fine for me. It is also a matter of pride to wear a ring. Rubi is considered as a precious stone in our society and to wear it, is also a matter of pride for me. I also like the good design of the ring and I have designed my ring so nicely that a couple of young boys of my society ask me about the ring. They also want same design for their ring.
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    To respect and honour the Ring Finger of our body, we should have a ring on it. The ring can be of any metal. May it be platinum or gold or silver or copper. It adds beauty to our look. Otherwise we almost look naked. One should wear at least one ornament. Ring is the small and best ornament to wear.

    I do not believe in rings with gemstones. One of my friend who had a jewellery shop suggested me to wear a ring with Topaz ( To please Jupitor). I ordered for it. Next week, when I went to collect the ring, he was no more. I could not wear Topaz.

    An interesting Ring story of Sun .
    In my childhood, when I celebrated my first birth anniversary, many of my relatives presented golden rings weighing few milligrams. As I grew, I could not wear them. They were converted into cash. I did not wear a ring until I married. Since I did not engage my wife with a wedding ring, my FIL presented me a plain golden ring ( weighing 6 grams) when I visited their home to celebrate my first Deepavali. It remained with me until 25 Aug 2015. As I lost my health due to diabetic, My finger became thin and the ring was hanging loose. One day, when my wife was away, I had to visit a non vegetarian hotel for lunch. I had fish curry meals. After the meal, I washed my oily hands with dettol liquid soap. The bearer helped me with a napkin to dry my hand. I used the napkin and threw it into the dustbin. While throwing the napkin, I could hear a different sound that I ignored. Before going to bed, I could realize my ring missing from my finger. I was worried. I started searching all over the house including the toilet. No joy. I started rewinding the previous days events. Yes. The ring went along with the napkin into the dustbin. Next morning, I rushed to the hotel to find my ring. Unfortunately, the dustbin was cleared and the garbage was thrown into a muddy area where no one can reach. I told the hotel staff that there is a golden ring in their backyard and returned. I did not tell this ring loss to my good wife, but managed to make a ring of same type with same weight which I have it now on my right hand ring finger.

    During the last Akshay Triti, I thought of buying some gold, and I bought another gold ring weighting 3.040 grams costing Rs. 10,500 from the cash I earned through ISC. This ring decorates the Ring finger of my left hand.

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    Presently I do not wear a ring on my finger. I was having a small ring till one year back. I removed it when I was to undergo an operation (hernia). Afterwards I did not wear it just because it was sufficiently old. Actually I do not like to wear such ornaments. This one I got from the teachers of our school as their marriage present to me. Hence to honour them I used as an ornament.
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    This could possibly be because of some interest as the same might have been gifted from the dear ones & could be part of your hobby as well. The another reason may be "fear", that one is using so that this may bring good luck for you.

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    I am not sure about other parts of India, but, in Kerala, among the Hindus, especially, we have this practice of exchanging rings before a marriage ceremony. In case there is no engagement ceremony, a ring is invariably exchanged during the marriage ceremony and it is considered very important as far as the married life of the couple is concerned. Married couples make it a point to save the ring as a matter of their relationship, though the chances of it getting pledged or sold as a fact of life cannot be ruled out. But then, rings are indeed considered important.

    As an answer to the query, I did want to but could not.

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    Even in Tamilians there is a custom to exchange rings between the bride and groom on the engagement day and that rings would be kept for ever as the token of wife and husband relations.
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    Although I don't wear any ring. But people usually wear rings as an accessory. The husband and wife wear it as a bond of love. Many people wear stones in their ring, some of them wear pearl or some other type like emerald or oppal. Stones are usually worn to control anger or they say to keep the "grah nakshatra" properly working.
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    Yes. I wear gold ring. As described by Pooja, It symbolizes the bond of love.
    Wearing gold ring with my beautiful wife's signature inscribed on it, is a special thing for me!

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    Wearing a ring does back to an ancient 16th century belief that the left ring finger was directly connected to the heart. Hence if a woman is wearing a ring, it meant to others around that the woman in question is either engaged or married. This is still true in England, I'm not sure about other Western countries.

    Among Tamilians, commonly after wedding the girl wears the ring on the left hand ring finger and the boy wear it on his right hand.

    I wore a ring for a year after the wedding, then removed it. A ring as an ornament looks good on children and women. I've seen men wearing big rings that are prominent when they raise the hand. To me it's an unnecessary addition. We still have the first tiny rings we made for our children.

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    I had a ring when I was a child .Mother used to give this to me to wear on my birthday. and other special and auspicious occasions. The ring became small for me and then it was discontinued. Then after marriage I started wearing ring. After a few years when I started gaining weight,the ring had to be hammered to increase its width to fit my finger. The ring was of a unique design special to Tamil Nadu style and it posed some problems t fold my finger sometimes. So I removed it and used to wear on certain occasions only,. Gradually that also stopped and the ring now sleeps in the locker.

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