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    "The faux pas in the election campaigning of Karnataka."

    The State Assembly elections in Karnataka are due on 12-05-2018. The campaigning has reached a feverish pitch with the Prime Minister and his cabinet ministers electioneering for the BJP. Rahul Gandhi and Siddaramaiah campaigning for the Congress. Some funny statements made during the campaigning turned out to be embarrassing. First, Mr. Amit Shah, while speaking at a meeting said that Mr. Yeduyarappa, their Chief Ministerial candidate as the most corrupt Chief Minister of Karnataka. Adding to this faux pas, the translator of Mr. Amit Shah in one of the meetings translated Mr. Amit Shah's speech as saying that Mr. Modi will destroy India.
    Now, Prime Minister Modi while speaking at an election rally in Kalaburai, committed another faux pas by getting his facts wrong about our military hero General K Thimayya. The Prime Minister claimed that India won the 1948 war against Pakistan under General Thimmayya. The fact is that it was General Sir Francis Bucher, not General Thimayya. It is always better to have the facts ready when speaking on a public platform.
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    During elections meetings the slip of the tongue do happens and that cannot be construed as disadvantage for the party or so. On a day the leaders are hopping to many election meetings and the Prime Minister is duty bound to talk about the locals and their contribution to the state. In that regard if the information given to him was not correct, to which Modi cannot be held responsible. Nevertheless the slip of tongue brings nasty reactions from the opposition parties and that must be avoided, otherwise it will prolong till the penultimate date of the elections and damage the winning chance.
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    I think it really funny as well as serious. No matter who the leader is they should check it double before speaking in front of the public.

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    There is a saying in Tamil 'Manadhil irupadhudhan Veliye varum' meaning what ever is inside(mostly true) our conscious only come out and which is true also when we read this post.

    It reminds me of earlier speech when RG had undergone many controversies with his speech in Bengaluru.

    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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    We are not a human being & not the perfect human being as well.

    If we make a judgment on a particular note of any individual then this can't be justified. Errors on our behalf proves that we are a human being. So its perfectly on its place. On the other hand, the repetition of the mistakes is what makes fool of us.

    During the submission we talked of some personalities in which one has been of Mr. Amit Shah. As often I have observed him, he is very calm but at the same time many things going in his minds. He is also a sort of someone able to show the good presence of mind during debates or while addressing the public rallies. And like us he also slipped his tongue in of his addressing but he also admitted his mistake or the slip of tongue. So with this there nothing is left behind to laugh at him or do any comment.

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    Even world leaders are not immune to such Faux Passes, recently the French Persident Emmanuel Macron thanked the Australian PM for his hospitality. He said I want to thank you for your welcome, thank you and your delicious wife for the warm welcome'!

    Similar statements are made from leaders on both sides, it's human nature and at such intensely fought elections, people do tend to get the facts wrong. It makes all of them laugh.

    Few months back when the Karnataka Government launched the Indira Canteen ( based on the Amma Unavagam model that Ms.Jayalalitha started in Tamil Nadu). Rahul Gandhi at the first canteen inauguration, referred the Karnataka one as Amma canteen instead Indira Canteen and then corrected himself. This led the press to comment that it was indeed copied from the TN model.

    Few lighter moments in an otherwise tense election run up in Karnataka.

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    There is a poetic justice to the slip or no slip of the tongue by Mr. Amit Shah. In 2011, Mr. Yeduarappa was asked to step down by the BJP after he was strongly indicted by the Karnataka Lokayukta in his report on illegal mining.
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