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    Does it matter who gives the award to you?

    Being the recipient of a prestigious award, would it matter to you hands it over to you? Or would you accept it from just about anybody? What are your views on strictly following protocol for national awards?

    Most of us would be aware of the 65th National Film awards ceremony controversy that started on Wednesday in New Delhi. Among the winners of the various awards, 11 were presented by the President and the rest were presented by two other ministers.

    This led to a boycott by around 50 winners who did not want to collect the award if the President did not present it to them. After some discussion about 78 awards were finally presented.

    Children and young graduates have pride is receiving their first degree or a first prize from the highest authority in a function (VC, Chancellors, Principal or Chief Guest), but should the same desire be applied by adults and professionals? Now the question is, does winning the award matters more ? or does the person who gives it matters more? Personally, to me winning the award means more than the person who gives it.
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    So far my performance mattered & when I won the prize then I would love to have the prize irrespective of being given by whosoever.

    They players must be free from being egoistic as winning matters.

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    Both the awards and presenter matters. It is a honour to receive award from the hands of a celebrity or VVIP or VIP. It was improper to award in a part, that too by the president of India and by other ministers. Many people like to have a photograph in memory of that award ceremony. It is a proud moment to be with the VVIP like President of India. I am holding a certificate signed by former President of India Mr. Zail Singh.
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    From whom we are getting award is very important and that's why protocol is defined.

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    Whether it is a protocol or not, nowadays people are very much affiliated towards the photograph and that matters a lot.

    Like astrologers on the road who always keep their photograph flashed with other celebrities, I always think, if they are that much influenced, why they do their profession in the street. Of late, this kind of fashion has gone into many areas like those who are practicing complimentary medicines(like yoga, naturopathy, and various pathies).

    As told by the author, even this kind of things has gone into the film personalities and I feel this will also have an impact in their future endeavors as nowadays everything politicised and hence with whom their photograph is annexed.

    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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    I feel it would depend on the particular award-giving ceremony. Let's say there are prizes in the form of certificates being given out to the most meritorious students of all classes in a single ceremony at a school. Suppose initially the school Principal starts handing out the certificates. Since there are lots of students, later the class teachers step in to do so. I do not think there will be an issue here about who gives out the awards. However, if it is something like a prestigious medal for the best student of the year, I do think it is an honour for the student to receive it at the hands of the school Principal and nobody else.

    Same for the National Awards mentioned here. Should the awards be considered as not too important because they are for those in the film sector? If there is a protocol, as rightly stated by Suresh Kumar, then the person who always gives away such awards should do so for every single recipient. It is an honour to receive an award from the President of India and the recipients will rightly be miffed about being left out. Such awards are always scheduled well in advance so it cannot be stated that the President had only XYZ hours to devote to it, that the Govt. was informed in advance about it & other excuses. If the President did not have sufficient time on so and so day, then why not fix the day, date and timings properly? Let all award winners be honoured properly by the same person otherwise might as well despatch it by courier if they are going to be treated like this!

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    If the President is old and cannot stand for long hours to present the award, the President can still sit and award. Similarly, any celebrity or important personality should feel it as a pride and honour to award medals and certificates.

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    Normally it is the precedent that the President gives away the national film awards and the dress codes are intimated to the recipients in advance as how they should present before the award function. For the first time the President has not given the awards to all and only 11 of them got the award through his hands and rest of the awards are given by Minister Smruthi Irani and thus the other award winners peeved at this behavior and refused to accept the awards. 66 of them have refused awards. Yes more than the award, from whom we get the award matters and the Government erred here.
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    I agree with the comment on the protocol and that it would be a honor to receive it from the President. The President would be a busy person with too many functions in his schedule, if he/she has to be there the entire duration, then it would be difficult to accommodate the other functions on that day. There may have been many constraints or personal/health issues, so there should be some room for flexibility.
    In such a situation, the posthumous or the highest awards can be given and the rest can have a group picture with the President and then carry on with individually receiving the awards, this would help both sides, rather than a refusal or boycott that mars the entire happy occasion.

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    It is a general practice that if some prestigious awards are being given by a person like President or Cabinet Minister or Chief of Army Staff then the awardees will like to receive from him only wherever their name may figure in the list.

    At the same time, it is also a very common practice that if the list is quite big then some of the awards can be given by other dignitaries and this should not be raised to such levels.

    Nowadays people make a big issue of small things on the name of protocol or other aspects. No award is degraded even if a person below the chief guest is doing that honours.

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    The office of the President has issued a statement. It had informed the IB ministry in March about how much time the President will be spending at the function (one hour). So, looks like President had been clear about the time restrictions to the IB Ministry and this message has not been passed on to the winners.

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    It does matter. The National Awards are to be handed over by the President of India as a national recognition. In case of some physical inability, the same has to be conveyed to the recipients well before. Having invited them to the function, telling them at that point that they would be receiving the award from a minister in the cabinet amounts to insulting them and that cannot be accepted. It is a national award and has to be respected.
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    It is not a matter from whom we are receiving the award. But the name of the presenter should be informed in advance. If the information is that the president will award and in the function somebody receives from President and some were not given by him definitely people will get disappointed. So the organisers should plan it correctly and the same should be carried out. This is the fault of the Organisers. This problem is due to improper planning by the organisers.
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    The President awards should be limited to few numbers only. Now a days, the recipient of medals and certificates are too many. Every politician wants his/her favorite person to receive a medal for his relatives and friends and well wishers. So, medals and certificates have become like a marketing item. It is essential that the President should be pleased to award only the highest awards.
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    It was a huge mistake on the President's part.
    So many artists were looking forward for their moment.

    Well you ask ask about my personal opinion...I don't care who offers me the reward. I don't even care about the reward actually. I did an action and I will see how well my result has come. That is enough for me.

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    #635461@Saji Ganesh. That's precisely the point, even The President's office is said to be miffed as to why the IB ministry did not pass on the message ( to the winners) that the President would not have time for all awards. It was said that he would arrive at 5:30 and the President's kept his word for being on time.

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    Natarajan, we need to respect the National Awards. If the President did not have the time, the schedule could always be been postponed. A cabinet minister, irrespective of whether she is Smriti Irani or otherwise, cannot replace the President of India. Have we started degrading ourselves?
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