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    The sandstorm that affected many - pray for them

    It was horrible to read about so many lives being affected due to the sandstorm that hit India. Losing a loved one and having your home in complete shambles is really sad. Let us pray for their well-being and hope good Samaritans reach out to help them.

    Were any ISCians affected seriously in any way? Hope all your families & homes are safe.

    In the light of an alert that another storm may hit, be prepared.
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    It is indeed horrible. My prayers are with all of them who have been affected. We need to think why such furies of nature are occurring. High time we give it a rethought about using our natural resources!
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    This kind of thread can come only from our ME, this is not the first time she has enquire about ISCian from other part of the country, she has done this in the past too. It shows her attachment towards her members. Where we were all debating on politics issue, we could not even think of this!

    Thank you ME, yes, I too had seen this unexpected news, people in Rajasthan were mostly affected. There is high alert in some of the northern part of India. I pray for them and pray that this hard time pass without much trouble. Let us all pray for them.

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    We all are affected in one way or the other. We are affected by heavy rain and heavy flood. We are affected by drought. We are affected by heavy summer scorching heat. We are affected by Tsunami. At times we are affected by severe cold. After a long time I am hearing about the sandstorm. Nature plays it own role without any thinking about the people, and there is no way to stop it. The five super power elements cannot be fought and defeated. They are the God created supreme powers.

    In this month of summer, I could see heavy rain in Bangalore yesterday. In earlier times, the seasons were scheduled. The forecast used to be true and valid. But, as of now, everything has changed including the nature. Nature plays havoc with the people.

    Let us live with it. Let us pray for the affected.

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    Although I only had a reference in context of the news channels but still could imagine the circumstances aftermath of the storm. I don't feel its ok but we are too small when compared with the mighty nature. This is only the reactions from the nature that how much damages that we have incurred to the resources just to satisfy our desires. The more we are doing the interference with the nature, the more we are liable to face the circumstances. The more the imbalance, the more the intensity would be.

    Everything is up to us? The more the better coordination with the nature the more good thing for us or else the scenario would just be opposite.

    As per the weather forecast another sand storm is expected in a few days. Hope so we would be prepared enough so as not to get effected so much.

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    I was wondering about one thing: predicting sandstorms. Is it not possible? From what I read in the newspapers, it was a combination of various factors in nature, including cyclone-type weather. Doesn't our MET Department have the technical capabilities to predict such happenings? Why is it now they are saying to expect another storm. What about the first time around? Were they not monitoring the climate earlier?

    If some kind of warning alert is issued beforehand, then perhaps people can get together to make provisions for residents to move from weak-structured homes to stronger buildings such as public schools which are structurally sound. Those who are travelling can also be alert and change plans, avoiding stepping out to areas likely to be affected.

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    Our prayers for the people of North caught in this extreme fury of Mother Nature. Seeing the ferocity of the wind and poor visibility in news clips are scary.

    Dust storms are common in the desert areas around the world, even some parts of US have regular dust storms. It's likely that they would have a Early Warning system/app in place. Once we know more about the current incident then we can think of comparing the warning systems of our met office and that of other countries that regularly face this.

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    MET Department has warned this disaster earlier.
    Weather department saying storm was caused by a collision of rival Eastern and Western weather systems over the humid Northern plains.
    Casualty is more due to people sleeping outside their houses to escape from severe temperature.

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    Fortunately Hyderabad is not affected by sand storm. But heavy rains lashed the city uprooting the trees and electric poles and the water stagnated all over. However on tv we could see sand storm hitting the North India and people had worst experience to reach home. Many cars damaged, many lost their visibility and could not inhale or exhale. The sand storm which is called Aandhi, originally emanates from the Rajasthan desert area and confined to that state only . Of late such sand storms are affecting the national capital and that too at the peak hours which is the returning time for citizens.
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    My sympathies to the families that were affected by the sandstorm. As per the Meteorological Department, more thunderstorms and strong winds are likely over Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Haryana, Chandigarh, Delhi, Punjab, Bihar, Jharkhand, Sikkim, Odisha, northwest Madhya Pradesh, Telangana, Rayalaseema, north coastal Andhra Pradesh, interior Tamil Nadu and Kerala. I pray to God that these areas stay unaffected by the winds and storms.
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    This thread has become old but not more than ten days old. So, I can submit my response. I only like to state the Met Department had issued detailed and graded warning of the sandstorm in many states. In spite of that, around one hundred and fifty people died. Most of the death cases are due to electrocution from hanging live wire and collapse of walls and trees.

    It is really unfortunate that despite the advance warning and continuous publicity of dos and donts, so many valuable lives are lost.

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