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    The Art Of Justification!

    In a normal scenario, whenever we commit some mistakes, we tend to justify the act instead of admitting as our fault. This happens to anyone including us.

    While the time we haven't been able to perform a job then the first thing that we are prepared with are the excuses. We blame the circumstances or the individual person for the unaccomplished jobs & assure that we are on safe side so as not to face the consequences. Likewise we have other excuses, that to continue with that there was a heavy traffic in case we reach to the office late. In case some official job are pending then the reason could be the family life or the colleague.

    This continue to show us as unprofessional & not finding fir for the job or task assigned.

    Do you feel that you also ready with the justification then what has been you favorite one?
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    Unfortunately we the Indians are not habituated to reveal the truth though the persons and the society are ready to believe if we talk truth. But we tend to tell lies and lies and that has no end. If we tell one lie, we have to tell many lies to safeguard the first lie. And thus we continue to tell the lie. And why the society wont take serious because every one tells lies. Some may say more or some may tell less. But lies are told unabated. And everyone is well versed in giving justification as lie for every thing and the lie will be so truthful that the opposite person has to believe to the hilt.
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    Generally I would like to admit mistakes or error and try not to justify it. My conviction is that it is better to be honest and frank to admit fact. Justification can lead us to trouble later. So as far as possible, I avoid justifying just for sake of covering up my fault or mistake.

    But yes, I admit that justification is practices ad a very good art by some.I had a colleague some twenty years ago. He was so adept in justifying that he can concoct a cock-and-bull story and make it so convincing that the other party simply stands baffled and convinced. Once to justify his coming late to the office, he made such a good story of a lone-elephant obstructing his way while he was coming by a bike. He knew how to support by facial expressions and gesticulations so that he appears convincing. Probably he gets the fist prize in the art of justification of all I have seen till now.

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    I was going to make a post about justification myself but couldnt because of exams.

    See what I did. I just justified my lateness and relation to this thread. A justification is what you may call as an immediate result of an influence. My exams are here. They're influencing me and my timetable. The immediate result is I have less time. So I cannot do what I used to do before.

    Hence a good justification should always address an immediate result of a long running cause. I am very good at justifying why a certain answer or a certain event occured. I give logical and elaborate justifications mostly, so no I dont pull of cock and bull stories.

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    Excuses are there since the dawn of civilization. They are the best weapon to protect against the mistakes committed and errors done.

    It is a natural human tendency not to accept mistakes and rather justify and argue for it. That is the reason why some smart managers do not point out the mistakes directly and rather bring the person to realize it in a slow and gradual manner through a participative and interactive approach.

    Knowledge is power.

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    When it comes to justifying a mistake, an unintended error, a failure or a delay we human become very creative and spin reasons and stories that are very believable.
    I think it's human nature to avoid being found at fault, to escape a stern warning or punishment, right from a young age we start telling lies or excuses to justify what we did or did not do.
    This continues into adulthood for most of us. Among the favorite excuses of mine were got held up with another urgent job or got stuck in traffic.
    We had a colleague a few years back who used to have a string of excuses ready for coming late or going early and he used to do it whenever he was overworked and not paid for his extra hours.

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