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    Can't we do something about this stinking corruption?

    It is not without reason that Tamil Nadu is now being compared with Bihar. At least Bihar had only one Lallu.

    In Tamil Nadu, we have too many Lallus in the ruling party, the AIADMK.

    For example, one corrupt politician, now a key minster, who was in the news for his ridiculous suggestion of saving water at Madurai in the Vaigai Dam, through use of thermocol, is known to have amassed at least three hundred acres of land in Kerala in his wife 's name. This is known to even a person on the street, and the Income Tax department knows it. Yet, this guy fools around, talking absolute nonsense and his contribution to his own department is a big zero. Only some honest officers of his department are doing something.

    Another Minister, whose name is well documented with the use of the banned Gutkha ( a dangerous drug) and with having accepted crores from dealers of this drug, shamelessly hangs on to his post.

    It is not that Jayalalitha. in her lifetime did not know about all this atrocities. She knew each and every bit of every corruption. The fact is that her benami, called Sasikala, the mother of all corruption, who cools her heals in the prison at Bangalore, was actively involved in taking a cut in each and every case.

    An estimated 60,000 crores of money, all in hard cash, is supposed to be hidden somewhere by the members of the ruling party. No one does anything about all this.

    Why have we become so insensitive? The local media does highlight something and there is some support for action against corruption. However, whatever little is being done, is sought to be destroyed with the help of the police.

    We need a Marina kind of protest against all atrocities. We need to understand that the once peaceful State of Tamil Nadu is one of the worst in terms of corruption, crime and lawlessness, and can be safely compared to Bihar or some other corrupted State, including UP.

    What can we, as Tamilians and as Indian citizens do? How can we mobilize support and even file cases of corruption against the known corrupt people in power?

    Members may throw some light on these vital questions please.
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    See corruption has been happening since Independence and no party dared to take stringent actions fearing back lash to themselves. Now for the first time Modi government has demonetized the currencies and brought in new ones to check the black money and corrupt money. Though some have changed the old for new one with benami accounts others have simply thrown the corrupt money in the dustbin or put into the accounts of zero account holders. Nevertheless for the past 70 years Indians having experience in corruption and that cannot be routed out over night. Consistent actions from the future governments must be needed. Just take the example, when in 2019, Congress comes back to power, the new corrupt ways would start and every Minister would stoop to stash money in different ways. So corruption would continue unless and until successive governments are sensitive to the problems.
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    The very reason for corruption in India is the citizens. When we want some favour from these influenced people.So we offer some benefit to him. This is how this problem started.If a person understands the importance of vote and do it properly and never wants any favour unduly , the corruption will comedown. But we never want the deserving candidate to get the due. There the problem starts. A person with Rs50000/- pm wants a ration card and cheap rice. These people will never understand the value of good ethics.
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    When a few people are corrupt in the society, Govt can do something about it but when a large number of people from office clerk to Minister are corrupt then who will bell the cat.

    The corruption is like a big mountain and we are chiselling it with a small knife.

    Probably a change from democratic setup to autocratic or communism type system may help, it is difficult to predict but the fact is some radical steps are required where the combined and sincere efforts of Govt, as well as citizens, are required.

    Today if a young person violates the traffic rules and describes his bravery back home how many of us are ready to hand over to the police? Because he is our son he is forgiven all his sins. So the system is definitely corrupt but we are also not ready to cooperate with the Govt. It is something like kicking a drowning man.

    The thread has brought out a pertinent and burning issue but presently no solution seems to be there.

    Knowledge is power.

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    It's nothing but benefiting from the ignorance of us. They know very well that we the common people can easily be befooled by any cheap publicity & so they are not much concerned about what we create an image of them after knowing all these. Except for few that being so long time in the politics but still carrying a clean image. In this the most renowned politician is the PM Modi Ji. He is the only politician who is not working for himself & neither for his family but just for the country. But within this he also remains the party member of BJP & so would have to do some jobs which may not liked by few of us. Another name could be the CM of UP, Mr. Yogi.

    There could be few more but not to the level of above two.

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    There is no point in discussing corruption. It was there for ages and will continue to thrive. There is nothing that can be done as the human race itself is greedy and corrupt to the core.
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    i would ask the author for a solution. We do keep cribbing about such issues but, do you have a solution? Spell it out.
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    Corruption in India is woven into the very fabric of our soceity. It is next to impossible to get rid of it. The very scale of corruption that runs from the lowest level to the higest office of many countries have made it a nightmare to many governments around the world.

    The problem is corruption, turning a blind eye or granting a favor that is against the rules in exchange of cash or kind can be seen widely. Most of us may not be corrupt but we would have at some point of time paid a bribe to the traffic police, the electricity meter man, the revenue/thasildhar/transport licensing office to get our work done quickly. Indirectly we are supporting corruption, only the scale and quantity changes. Even when we go to a temple, some of us instead of buying an archana (pooja) ticket we simply drop money in the priest's plate and get the archana done. So, unless we change too, we cannot expect corruption to change.

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    India's corruption is like a deep rooted Baniyan tree that its growth cannot be stopped. It is like a cancer that cannot be operated or cured. Since we have 99 percent corrupt politicians, it is difficult to survive without corruption. The law makers of this country are the politicians in parliament and assemblies. They don't bother about corruption as their life is surrounded by only corruption.
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    Can't we do something about this stinking corruption?

    Yes we can do.

    For that you should be socially awake and conscious.
    You should know that there is no meaningful difference between major political parties.
    You should know that mass media are owned and manipulated by some limited elite.
    You should know that neighbors are not enemies even with ideological differences.
    You should know that endgame is control of power.
    You should know that the power to change rest with you and you alone.

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