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    "I am afraid of those rides"

    She clutched my hands like a baby. Mumbai, Wonderla in that. Dhanno from the village Salepur, Orissa, had never seen any of these rides in person. "Dhanno",I said gently,"the roller coaster would take you up,down,top and bottom. It is frightening. I know. But trust me. Trust your Dinesh. For some time assume the seat belt as my hand. And you always like it when I curl my hands around your waist". Dhanno was flushing with shame.

    "Wyooon!!" went the siren. So did our hearts. The ride was going to start. The ascent was slow. Steady. Dhanno looked at me and smiled ironically. I knew what was going to come. So I played dumb. But her confident smile was rare. I've only seen her giggle under a veil. Mumbai, miles away from Orissa. The free air here makes anyone confident. "The city that never sleeps" is showcasing itself splendidly. Dhanno was immersed in that few seconds of stable breathtaking view too. Then with what felt like a slip, the wheels rushed down with a frightening velocity. Dhanno was too shocked to even react. We were pulled a second. Thrown an other. We went round in a loop. The machine halted at the peak again. Only this time we were suspended upside down. For a second I forgot Dhanno was not wearing a saree and frighteningly scoured her. Haha! That poor clumsy girl wore t-shirt for the first time. Was she uncomfortably frightened or frighteningly uncomfortable? Dhanno never spoke a word since we sat on this terror machine.
    I heard some familiar lines in a melodious tone. Dhanno is singing Hanuman Chalisa out of fear! Dhanno!! Don't embarrass me! Ooops. A slip again! We went down like a tidal wave. We came up like a fountain. And as fast as it began, it ended.

    That was an hell of a ride. The automatic seat belts released us. Dhanno ran to me and hugged me. "I was afraid Dinesh. A lot. But I also liked it", she said with tears in her eyes. She didn't use 'ji' anymore since then. A ride was all it took to bring us closer.
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    Is this the fiction or from the real life?

    For whatever, this must be letting you feel good. But the fact of the matter is that I would like to appreciate the way everything has been framed in a paragraph. This seemed to be like that the image continues in the backend while the author is narrating the story.

    What the unique specialty of any of the stories of Shakespeare is that it's always love at first sight. So I do feel that this being remains the case here too.

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    Pure fiction Ved. Love and life haven't graced me yet. I am glad that you liked it.
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    Two things have recalled in my mind after reading this fiction. One is the same caption, "The city that never sleeps" is in TN too which is Madurai and I have experienced personally the city without sleep.

    The second one is, though the fiction talks about love at first sight, my personal experience with a ride in one of the theme park in Chennai along with my nephew who is a small boy that time when these theme parks are introduced in the city. I actually hold my nephew's hand stating I would take care of him whereas when the ride started, he only holds my hand with a smile when I shouted like anything.

    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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    Nice narration. To be frank, I am also afraid of some such rides.

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    Very nice fiction and narration connected to the tow topic. In Old city of Hyderabad those who pretends to be strong and goons are always advised by the opposite parties to test their strength on the roller coaster without mouthing or shouting and that would credit him with more strength. Yes weak heart people are not supposed to have a ride on roller coaster but again for the experience of it if some one tries, better they accompany the close person and that is what the author has written this fiction in that way. Nevertheless the roller coaster would raise the BP of those who were supposed to be sober in life ?
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    Really, I too afraid of such terrible rides. Good fiction from Aditya. I had experienced it at Vega land in Kochi. But it was a small and simple roller coaster.
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    A nice work of fiction, apart from the ride, I liked the way a person form rural background in introduced to the city life.

    On a purely fictional plane, the city offers many attractive rides for people like Dhanno who are first time visitors and some are successful in having a new life with Dinesh like people. Sadly some of them are lured by many Dinesh's trapped, exploited and abused under the guise/temptation of heaven, when in reality it is the ride of a lifetime in hell.

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