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    Some cities and towns are associated and famous for one thing or the other. Read this.

    In India Study Channel, we have members hailing from different parts of the country and surely things, eatables are famous in cities and towns. Here are some known things which I am appending for your knowledge.:
    Hyderabad famous for Biryani
    Ottukuli in Tamil Nadu famous for Butter
    Peda is famous in Agra
    Bonda is the origin of Mysore
    Halwa means we recall it from Tirunelveli in Tamil Nadu
    Jackfruit associated with Panrutti in Tamil Nadu
    Bandar Laddu famous in Vijayawada

    So members can continue this list and let everyone know what are the famous things and recipes associated with towns and cities across the country.
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    Yes, some cities or towns are famous for one thing or other;
    Rampura is famous for Rayen ( A fruit of summer season) and Timru (A wild fruit)
    Rampura is also famous for Sita fal
    Ratlam is famous for Sev ( Namkeen)
    Mandsaur and Neemuch is famous for Opium
    Bhilwara is famous for Kachori

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    Madurai - Mari Kolunthu, Jagirdanta
    Dindugul - lock
    Manapparai - Murukku
    Kadambur - Boli
    Mudalur - Mascut halwa
    Ambur - Biriyani
    Alanganallur - Jallikattu
    Aathur - Petal leaves
    Aarani _ Silk
    Kanchipuram - Silk

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    Kakinada Kaja
    Dindigul Briyani
    Madurai Malli(Jasmine), Jigardanda
    Tirunelveli Halwa.

    Among above, some sweets not only the cities, within cities, there are some traditional shops which are dealing the same for generations.

    In Tirunelveli Iruttu Kadai Halwa and similarly in Kakinada Kotaiah Kaja and I have tasted both.

    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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    In don't have any specific idea about the recipes of whichever place as I am not very much fond of foods. But irrespective of this, myself have used it & others would also have heard of "Bada Pav". That when I was in Mumbai, it was possible for anyone to but a "Bada Pav" in just five rupees. This used to be easily available anywhere as well as good in quality.

    Due to rush in Mumbai & when I felt hungry, I used to have 4-5 times of this in a day.

    Another favorite dish of mine is "Bada Sambhar" & "Masala Dosa". The evergreen one from the south of India but liked anywhere in the world.

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    Milk Khoa is famous in Srivillipuththur,Tamilnadu
    Wheat Halwa in Thirunelveli
    Seeni mittai in Sattur,Sivakasi of Tamilnadu
    groundnut sweet cake (kadalai mittai) in Kovilpatti
    Panchamirtham from Pazhani,Tamilnadu
    Super Turmeric Kumkum from Vijayawada(kanagadurga temple),madurai(meenakshi Temple),Puthukkottai,Tamilnadu(bhuvaneswari temple).
    Jaasmin from Madurai
    Nenthiram Chips from all places in Kerala
    Grass mats from Paththamadai,Tamilnadu

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    Marayur(near Munnar in Kerala) for Sarkara(Jaggery)
    Kozhikode-Black Hala
    Ambalapuzha temple-Paal Payasam(Milk Kheer)

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    Venkiteshwaran sir please clarify what is black hala or was it halwa ?
    K Mohan
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    Karnataka is also famous for MysorePauk and Olligae/Obbattu. Maddur in Karnataka is famous for Maddur Vada
    MTR near Lalbagh in Bangalore in a household name that is famous for its masala dosa, vada sambhar. Bangalore is now famous for its Donne Briyani ( Briyani served in large sized cups made out of leaves) but finding an authentic place is tricky. Dharwad is famous for its Dharwad Misra Peda.

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    So, India is famous for all the above.
    I love chocolates and ice creams!

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    About Donne Biryani. Is that having some separate flavor or regular biryani served in leave cups ?
    K Mohan
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    Very interesting and fun thread by the author.

    I remember Petha (a sweet) of Agra and Kheer (sweet pudding) of Gajraula.

    Every place has some famous food association which people remember.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Even within cities, we have such a huge number of brands, and these brands have superb value.

    For instance, try Saravana Bhavan, for the tastiest dishes. No doubt, the food served here is superb, but it is a little costly, as compared to other restaurants. However, what should be noted is that this premium pricing is worth the salt, as all dishes taste the same, throughout the entire city chain, and even abroad, as this chain has followed what is called Total Quality Management, (TQM), standardizing the dishes throughout its entire chain of hotels, within India, and abroad. Am told that for the New Delhi branches, one has to always book in advance.

    Ditto for Krishna Sweets of Coimbatore. Please go there to see the long ques of people, waiting to buy the world class Mysore Pak, a South Indian delicacy, made out of the purest form of ghee.

    A2B is now a big brand, emerging as a tough competitor to Sararavana Bhavan, both in terms of taste and delivery.

    Well, the list is not complete. For the best of organic food, which has a huge amount of protein, prepared only through mud pots, please go to Selvi Mess, in Ponnagar, Tiruchirapalli. One visit is just enough. No other visit would be complete without going again and again. A huge number of other organic food restaurants have also sprung up in various parts of Chennai and Coimbatore.

    Madurai is a city that never sleeps. Go there at 11PM, and you will get the tastiest iddlis and hottest dosas, with at least four varieties of chutney. Do not spend more, as these shops, also called as "Aaachi kadais" have a huge variety of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food. In fact, one is told, food is available, right through the night.

    Salem is famous for the thattu vadai, which is a chat item. Coimbatore city is also famous for its cheap bajji, bonda varieties that one can enjoy for just Rs5 apiece. The list goes on, apart from whatever has been mentioned by other members, about Tamil Nadu specialties.

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    Oh! My God! I forgot to add Chikki from Lonavala(Maharastra), Marthandam Honey
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    Not only that Sir. The dosa uppuma special in many parts of Andhra and the Boonda soup served in some places of Bangalore and elsewhere in Karnataka is a hugely special item.

    In Coimbatore and its suburbs, many people make what is called "Thengai Saambar", which is nothing but a special sambar made mostly out of coconut. Add to this drumstick leaves and you will be find the combination so difficult to ignore.

    Go to Tanjore and explore what is called "thavala vadai", which is a special vada made out of a variety of dals, all crushed together in fine proportion. This is regularly available in the Cuddalore port station, and if you happen to go there, try it without fail.

    The masal vada which is made out of onion and garlic has a special taste in many hotels of Tiruchirapalli town.

    I guess each and every location in the whole of South India has so many varieties of food. For example, the so-called pappu of AP is so unique and tastes so good, when served hot with rice. I really wonder how the people of AP come up with such a huge variety of food. The Andhra Meals restaurants of Chennai, are famous for both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food.

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    Button Idly is famous in many parts of Andhra. Tapeswaram is very famous for Kajaa. Konaseema is famous for Palakova. Bandar is famous for Laddu. Pithapuram is famous for Mango Jelly. Bhimavara is famous for Pootharekulu. Minapasunni is the famous sweet of East Godavari Dt. of AP.
    Like this, there are many special foods in various parts of Andhra Pradesh. There are many south Indian dishes like Ravva Dosa, Utappam, pesarattu and masala dosa are catching up in many parts of north India also.
    The author has come out with a funny post which brings in the names of all famous eatables in various parts of India,

    always confident

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