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    NEET Exam. TN students are forced to write exams in others state. Fares provided to students.

    We all know that NEET 2018 exams are being conducted by CBSE across the country on 6th May and as there is protest from TN students and government, this time the exam centers are given in various states. Ironically some students are forced to write exams in Rajasthan. Having sensed the non cooperation of the center on the matter the TN government immediately announced train fare for student plus one accompanying person to the exam center and back. Even Kerala government also kept special buses for TN students to write exams in their state. Good gestures. But how come CBSE can give exam centers to far off states ?
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    This type of issue is not here in Madhya Pradesh. The examination is going to held on 6th May Sunday and all the big cities are made the centres for the examination. The exam centres for the students of Rampura (Neemuch District) are Ujjain and Indore which are 250 Km away from Rampura. All the best for all the students for their bright future.
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    Is that a good news? Am I required to be proud of the same? It is a shame. I request all our political leaders to be beware- Tamil Nadu can be another Kashmir if not dealt with properly.
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    Alteast from this TN politicians and also common men understand the reality and should act accordingly. Nowadays TN politicians are diverting the minds of youth to protest always and they do follow blindly. For this NEET examination, even SC is considered the protestors of TN and hence could not help in keeping the centres in TN.

    So it should be a lesson to everyone that if we need something, there is a way to get it without affecting others or protesting others. As the protestors of last NEET and also IPL matches only caused this NEET examination to be held elsewhere and not in state and even now political parties are diverting the issue against BJP only and not coming out with reality. We can oppose one party but with that in mind, it need not be always opposing the centre.

    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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    All the political parties belong to the same hut the ultimate sufferer will be the common man.I will be quite happy for the students at least somewhere they got the chance to write the exam, It was a fruitful news I guess at the beginning only they realized other than in the middle after doing all the arrangements and changing the schedule now the students can prepare peacefully for their exam.I would appreciate the government at least in this issue it had acted independently for his citizens other than blindly following the orders of his BOSS
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    I don't know much about this but only to the extent the author has put in the submission. But the point to be noted is about why the facility to the students for interstate fares. If they are so much cared or sympathized, then the pressure could have been inverted to the central government or the governing bodies looking after the these entrance examinations. But instead giving fares including the fare of the co-passengers too.

    These remains as a political stunt in order to gain the attention in the news & while at the same time create criticism of the government policies.

    Its not their fault but completely on our side as we have made them to their positions.

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    Now there was a flash news that those who were in Kerala for tomorrow's exam are not provided with staying facilities and guided properly.
    K Mohan
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Mohan, as a responsible citizen, can you please provide the source for that flash news? We would be obliged.
    'It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it'. - Aristotle.

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    Tamil Tv channels were showing the details on every new hours.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    For both Mohan and Saji, the clarification was already issued by Government that the facilities extended by government is only to the students who studied in Government and Government aided schools and whatever the flash news going on in news channels are applicable to students studied in private schools and also in TN all news channels belongs to opposite parties and there is no news channel is available for ruling party and hence they will display even a small thing as big issue.

    So it is the responsibility of the students to arrange travel, stay and other facilities by themselves if they studied in private schools.

    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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    NEET was shrouded in controversy in 2013 with views that it was illegal and unconstitutional. Apart form this, there are two issues here, one the traditional concept that CBSE students are better equipped in terms of knowledge than state board students. The second is sharing of the seats for Medical courses home/state students Vs non-state students.

    These kind of protests will continue for sometime because of the less number of seats with respect to the ever increasing number of aspirants, the students of the state would like to have a chance at getting a medical seat first before it is offered to students from other states.

    National wide exams would mean hardships for some students because they would have to travel. Giving rail fares is not a good idea because there are many other competitive exams that students write in various sectors and this sets a bad precedence and opens the doors for claims from others under similar circumstances.

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    Not aware of these developments and not followed the news properly regarding NEET candidates from TN. Just understood from this thread that the aspirants were allotted centres elsewhere in places other than TN.

    What's going on? It is unfortunate that people are playing with the young mind and the Government of TN should have acted promptly to ensure that the examination is conducted in their state peacefully. Not allowing the examination or playing a cricket match would not sort out the problems of TN and their own people are the ultimate sufferers. Poor students should not be put to loss.


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