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    Empowerment & Improvisation. Which One Is Better?

    Empowerment vs Improvisation - which should be in the forefront?

    This has been so much in use since long time that each one of us must well be aware of the word "Empowerment". The insane politics keeps on moving within this frame. Even after more than seventy years of our independence, there is a common phenomena of raising the issues of supposed to be the weaker sections of our society.

    During each election, we observe the political parties went about for the "Empowerment". This eleven letter word carries to over anything irrespective of caste, community & religion or even to a particular gender. Now we have a contrasting figure here that the outcome is not the way we talked about in those earlier times. During all these, the political parties & their leaders has again made a commitment for "Empowerment".

    Although, this will remain a restless & unsettling social issue but have we ever felt the need of going ahead with the "Improvising" of the said weaker section.

    What my personal belief is that empowering would only lead to carry on with a certain tendency of the individual but & instead if we implement the provision of "Improvising", then there would be much better scope for the person to manage & innovate the things so as to create more opportunities in the market. This also might resulting in offering jobs to few more too.

    What's your intake in this regard?
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    What I feel that by Empowerment , the government may impromptu announce some performance enhancement schemes to certain sect and that cannot be considered as full support. However Improvisation is the permanent way to enhance the living ability of any sect.
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    A thoughtful thread. In India, from ages we have been using the word Empowerment right uptill now with the BJP's Women Empowerment programs.

    To me, the very word 'empowerment to a group' implies give power to the groups and this is open to be misused by some in the group in terms of how they use the power give to them. A lower cut off mark, a mandatory reservation, a mandatory support money, rebate or subsidy. What can happen in, instead of encouraging the desire to do better, we can end up bringing in a certain amount of laxity to the people.

    As far an India goes, we need to have improvisation and move on to Applied improvisation in certain sectors where in we can bring in innovative methods by experts and also from the very people who need the support and help them better.

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    Empowerment, in the main, means helping people to find out their inner potential and then become responsible for whatever they do. In other words, empowerment is all about ownership.

    On the other hand, improvisation is more related to limited innovation in terms of taking things forward. Improvisation can work, when the environment is okay, or people are willing to take more responsibilities.

    For example, it took the late Rajiv Gandhi some insight that the entire nation needs to move forward in terms of improvisation in one area -- telephone technology. However. once this was done, it required the brilliance of Mr Sam Pitroda to do what he did. Mr Pitroda selected some of the best brains in the country and encouraged them to do wonders, through empowerment. It was a bunch of young talent, raring to go.

    Mr Sam Pitroda had brought about a revolution that changed the environment for the better. The entire lot of people who were having small businesses set up the STD booths in every nook and corner of the country, leading to huge self-employment .

    It is another story that when the most advanced cell phones entered the market and the internet related cell phones dominated the scene., the same entrepreneurs shifted to selling cell phones, and spare parts and undertaking repairs as well. The self-employed would run into hundreds of thousands throughout India.

    So, while improvisation would refer to limited innovation, empowerment literally means that the person is totally responsible for whatever he does. He goes on to own the processes he is in-charge at work. In business this means the person becomes so powerful to get all the nitty gritty of the business in fine shape, as entrepreneurs.

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    I feel empowerment will bring in responsibility to the individual and if the individual is having the capacity he will try to improvise the things using his skills. If you study the R & D activities in a manufacturing industry, the empowerment of the skilled persons will bring in improvisation where the people will feel the ownership and try to put their best efforts to make the R & D successful. Instead, if the seniors monitor and try to force their views and thoughts on the executor the person may lose interest and may not be very successful. The empowerment is good to some extent but if the people are not capable and you make them responsible, they will never shine and make many mistakes. So the empowerment should be selective then improvisation will automatically follow.
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