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    A new low in Karnataka election campaign.

    The Karnataka Assembly elections are becoming a flashpoint between the Congress and the BJP. Both the parties are touching new lows especially the BJP. The BJP made a serious charge that 23 of its workers were killed by the Jihadi forces in Karnataka during the past five years under the Congress government. This allegation was made by the Prime Minister and Mr. Adityanath, the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh in their election rallies. It released the names of the persons killed also. A complaint was made to the Home Minister along with the names. The first name in the 'BJP Martyrs' list is one Mr. Ashok Poojary. The investigations revealed that Mr. Ashok Poojary is alive. He is living at a place near Mangalore. Even though the man is alive, the BJP continues with its fake claims. The BJP supporters are active in the social media promoting a video of the Prime Ministers rally in Varanasi as that of his rally in Udupi recently. These are the new lows to which the political parties are stooping to get votes. Both the parties gave tickets to persons with cases against them. For the post of a junior clerk, these cases will be a disqualification but not for those who want to become the lawmakers.
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    Good @KVRR that your posts are really giving a live view of election campaigns in Karnataka for those who live in other states. But in every thread when you start, you start with both BJP and Congress but other contents are only with BJP that itself shows how fearful the congress and congress supporters are with BJP. That is enough for its victory in BJP again in the state and to start a count from South India too.

    It will be good if we come with 'low' of congress too.

    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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    The entire election has been taken down to a new low. People are taking about the marks sheet vs charge sheet ad. Normally one would expect only some individuals to publicly quote what mistakes the others have done in order to gain mileage. In the Karnataka elections, the ads we see in the newspapers from both parties do no bode well for both leaders and the party.

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    This is the Congress ad listing the charge sheet vs marks sheet. Do we really such low personal ads from any party be it Congress or BJP, It shows how desperate each side is.

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    The people are there to decide whom they want. What we write here is not going to make any difference and alter anything. The most we do here is to vent our feelings. I am trying to expose the hypocrisy of the BJP which talks as if it is a clean party and different from others. From what was mentioned by me above, it must be very clear as to how the BJP is trying to stoke communal feelings by false propaganda. The very face of the Chief Ministerial candidate of BJP is the one who was asked to step down by the party itself for corruption charges. What more is required of the doublespeak of BJP? The Congress is also equally guilty of selecting candidates with cases. The only positive from the Congress party is that it is not making any personal attacks like that indulged by the BJP including the Prime Minister. The Congress is in power and people will decide whether to continue with it or throw it away. The BJP with Mr.Yeduyarappa and the mining mafia in its fold is the worst of the two.
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    @KVRR. Among the three major parties, we do not have a party with a clean image that stands out as far as Karnataka is concerned. There has been too many promises made in that last one week, too many sops, and far too many big names changing party after the announcement of the party list. Would agree with you on 'people would select the better of the two because we do not have much choice'.

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    For the voters it is really the time to gauge who is right and who is wrong. While the central funds are spent by the state and it is claiming it made the progress, the center gets annoyed with bluff and thus taken the so called Jihadi killings. In election time washing the dirty linen is the must and that happens against each party. For Congress it is must to win because the popularity of Rahul is on vain. On the other hand Karnataka is having Tamils and Telugus living there and BJP would be battered left and right by those voters and hence fierce fight between the main parties.
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