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    Many managers have ride on their assistants

    Manager is a term meant for managing the things but in practice the managers are just acting to get intrinsic work from their subordinates. It is true that the sincere workers are doing their work with more responsibility and dedication and some are using the loopholes. To get a reach to the goal of the management the managers are supposed to be get the work done through others with strictness. But in many places the managers are riding on their assistants simply ignoring the 'non-doing' workers but getting more work from those who work promptly. The sincere attentiveness is important in a manager to observe who is working well and getting work done from one and all.
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    This is the good submission from the author connecting to tow topic. By manager we mean he is the head of the department and therefore answerable to the management about the performance and progress of the same on daily basis.The factory manager has more responsibility as he as to deal with production, procurement, lay offs and above all the labour unrest. For all this the managers would be strict from day one and they literally ride on every one staff. Like wise in office too the managers have the responsibility to guide the staff and get the best work from them and in that process they do ride on them.
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    I do have the experience of the credits being taken by the managers while the complaints for the subordinates for incomplete jobs.

    Although the management in any company push for an effort for establishing the transparency within the different levels & segments so as to bring improved levels of satisfaction among the employees in order for the good employees to stay longer as this is important for any firm to be into business. Good employees works as a good resources to increase the efficiency & the productivity of the company in this highly competitive world.

    But by bringing up these kinds of facilities also got the limitations within this as it's not possible for the ground level workers or the employees to communicate with the top management. Due to this drawback few suffers & not able to receive the remuneration in comparison to what they have offered to the company. But in this very scenario I don't find any better alternative other then to quit & make themselves comfortable somewhere else.

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    A real good Manager will try to bridge a way between the employee and employer. He will assess the people and try to give a task which he can manage and try to get the best from them. This attitude will help the organisation, the employee as well as himself. It will be nice for people to work with such managers. But some managers will do it the other way round.
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    In crude language, a manager is a person who manages by hook or crook and presents it to higher management for taking mileage out of it.

    All the managers up to the top level will be doing the same way and the actual work will be accomplished by the lowermost levels.

    Surprisingly this system is prevalent not only in Govt sector but also in the private sector.

    There are some managers who very well know how to terrorize their juniors and get the work done. They create a fear in the minds of their subordinates so they simply comply rather than to argue.

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    There is nothing wrong with motivating one's subordinates and then expecting them to do very well. But there are so many crooks among managers, who act virtually like bullies, more so, if they have some one in the top, in the form of a Godfather. As long as they enjoy this support, they get away with any atrocity, and stoop to any level to get things out of others, but it is often with threat of doing the maximum damage through the performance appraisal.

    For instance, in one Public Sector Organization, the boss was one who licked up to the bosses above and grew so fast. However, when his old colleague was asked to report to him, he saw the golden opportunity to spoil his future. This subordinate was brilliant in his own right. His views of HR issues seemed to be grounded on sound logic and he won, several friends, across the organization.

    This angered the boss, who did everything possible to crush the subordinate. He would carry the dirtiest of tales to the big bosses in New Delhi, would give him non-value assignments to irritate him and so on. This subordinate was too smart, but had to tolerate the excesses of this dirty boss.

    Such dirty bosses, virtually take the subordinates for a ride.

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    Like anything in life, there are good and bad managers. A good manager is one who balances the needs of the company and also respects the work and effort of the staff under them. I can understand what the author says, there are places where managers have favorite staff who become the eyes and ears , reporting all the key things done and discussed by the regular staff. And the manager would have a soft corner for such people.

    Having been to restaurants, I've seen places wherein the boys and girls will be running around trying to get food delivered, tables freshened but some managers who just stand and walk around like a proud peacock. In a few places, I've similar managers who get to the floor, fill water/wine or get the tab etc. They supervise but also chip in when the staff are stretched.

    A good manager should be fair to all, stern when needed and act like a two way channel for the benefit of the firm and the employees.

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