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    I was riding a cab througout the evening!

    This is a very old incident when I was posted in Chennai. The year was 1991.

    We were invited for a marriage reception in Banglore. One of my relatives was getting his son married and the reception was scheduled in the evening time in Vijaynagar area in Banglore.

    Due to some personal reasons, I decided to go alone to attend the function. I took an early morning bus from Chennai to Banglore and got down at the bus stand. It was about 2 PM and I thought to hire an auto-rickshaw (cab) to go to the venue.

    I also thought to let me see the address of the venue and searched for the invitation card in my small handbag. It was not there. I was a bit perplexed. I have not noted the address also in my pocket diary or a slip of paper. Whatever I could remember was that it was in Vijaynagar area. I also remembered the name of the bridegroom.

    At that time there was no mobile phone and I did not have a telephone connection in my house in Chennai so I was in a fix what to do.

    Anyway, I asked a cab driver to take me to somewhere in Vijaynagar area. It took about half an hour and he stopped at some place and asked me where to go further. I got down and gave him money and went to nearby shops to inquire about marriage halls in that area. The shopkeeper told me that Vijaynagar is a big area and it will be difficult to find out the place without address. He also told me there are so many sectors and it will be more or less impossible to cover the various marriage halls and facilities and find out where exactly that particular reception is planned. Another thing which I came to know was that the marriage season was in full swing and there might be many marriages there in that area also.

    I was at my wit's end and took a chance by hiring another cab and asked him to take me to all the sectors one by one covering at least the main roads or some prominent places. For an hour and a half, we were struggling to find the venue and we saw many marriage sign boards but one which was my destination was not in sight. I was desperate and tired and asked the driver to take me back to bus stand from the shortest route.

    While going back I was seeing many signboards displaying the names of the bride and the groom and suddenly I saw the name which was in my mind for such a long time but so far not found written anywhere.

    I stopped the cab, paid him money and slowly moved towards the marriage hall. The guests were yet to come but the representatives of the host were there and I wished them and took rest in the side room and had some tea. I kept quiet as I was not in a mood to narrate that ordeal.

    Today when I look back, I remember that incident when I had to ride the cab almost the full afternoon.

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    This is classic example of people get fooled and waste time when they are not having definite address and whereabouts and thus has to waste time on cabs and ultimately waste money.
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    This happened to you. What happened to me in Bangalore !

    I and my daughter went to the Mayo civil court to get an affidavit. We went in our Alto K10. I searched a place to park my vehicle. In front of the court, I could see a police vehicle and other two vehicles parked. I parked our car in front of the police jeep; locked it; went inside the court for business. After one hour, when we returned, we found our car missing from that area, and I could read a sign board "Tow Away Zone". I realised my mistake of wrong parking and started searching for the vehicle. No police or police station could give us any details about the vehicle. We hired an auto and went around here and there for one hour. Finally we located our car lying under the care of a chain. It was just near to the area where I parked the vehicle. I paid the fine and got the car released.

    Indeed, it was a worried one hour auto-ride in the city of Bengaluru.

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    You were very lucky, many areas like Vijayanagar, Jayanagar and Bhanashankari are so vast that it is next to impossible to find the address even if you have the house number. A unique landmark is a must apart knowing the part of the area.

    A nice true story, for a few years whenever we had to visit Chennai, I would ask any of my relatives to pick us up from the nearest landmark in the area because it's a nightmare when you have family with you and you do not know where you are going or where the auto fellow is taking you.

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    This kind of experience is very irritating. One such experience I was also having. I have gone to the marriage of my friend when I was doing my graduation. I took a bus and reached the village where the marriage is supposed to take place. But when I got down from the bus I noticed that the said marriage is not at that place. I enquired about the village and the local people informed that the village is different from what I supposed to visit and I have to travel again for about 25 miles back and take another bus and reached the spot.
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