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    A Train Ride is unique in itself

    In life, we get an opportunity to travel and enjoy on several rides like Bus, Auto, Taxi, Flight, Train, Bicycle etc but I personally feel that a long journey of 1 or 2 days in a train has its own uniqueness as narrated below.

    You do not need to worry about your daily home/office schedule, getting up early, handling office and home responsibilities. Here you can simply chill, relax, listen to songs, watch videos, have a chat with the fellow passengers and even sleep and rest as much as you want. No tension at all!

    As the train passes through different stations you get the opportunity to enjoy famous food items of different regions and states. So for example you can enjoy Idli, Vada of the south, Vada Pav of Maharashtra and Dhokla of Gujarat all in one train journey.

    Trains traveling through different states becomes a mini India. From different stations, people of different states and languages board the train and provides an opportunity to interact with them. So a train journey brings people of different origin on one platform and promotes national integration.

    Sometimes you make new friends while interacting with the people and take a note of their contact numbers.

    You may not have got an opportunity to travel to different cities but a train journey gives you a glimpse of that. As the train passes through different stations, at least you get to see the outskirts of the city, its roads, buildings surroundings etc.

    You can even enjoy nature's beauty on a train journey. Depending on the route you get to see green fields, hills, rivers, tunnels etc.

    Sometimes your child can find a unique toy and you can find an item at a very reasonable cost from the vendors and sellers which board the train from some stations. So train provides you the opportunity for shopping too.

    Last but not the least, the train journey teaches us the values of adjustment and cooperation. Sometimes you must have allowed a senior citizen to occupy a lower berth and you must have agreed to interchange your seats with the fellow passengers for their convenience. So the passengers get the opportunity to depict these values.

    So I feel a ride on a train is a relaxing, enjoyable, learning and a unique experience altogether.

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    Truly speaking I also enjoy the train ride When every one with whom I travel insists to take rest or sleep in the birth, I used to watch for stations after stations. And I have the habit of measuring the speed of the train by counting the phone polls erected along the tracks. As the numbers change to another, it is the indication of one kilometer. Normally I observed that our trains travel at the speed of 100 km per hour and if it increases to 120 per hour, then there are every chance to make up the late running time. So all these close observations are made by me while riding on the train.
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    I totally agree with the author and I have enjoyed many trips in train short and long and there are many lonely trips too but still enjoyable as narrated by author.
    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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    Train ride has its own charm. About 3-4 months back I was planning for a journey and at that time I found that cheaper airfares were prevailing. Still, I chose to travel by train to enjoy the ride leisurely. Sleeping in the night and leisurely sitting in the daytime.

    The variety of food in the intermittent stations and scenic beauty around makes the journey memorable.

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    This thread reminds me of my first train journey from Bangalore to New Delhi many years back. The journey was a wonderful experience of the people around, how humans behave and interact, the various snacks in the pushcarts.
    Train journeys have changed now, based on my experience in South India, we have to be very careful with our bags, cautious before accepting food for the fear of being robbed.
    Also, with increasing affordability and good flight connections, air travel takes a priority when time is a constraint.

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