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    Which parties and leaders are going to ride the Modi wave in 2019?

    Today is 5th May, 2018. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has again made the audience spell-bound during his election speeches in Karnataka. Many skeptics had earlier expressed doubt that the Prime Minister would not be able to sway the mind of Kannadiga voters by speaking to them in Hindi, but the Prime Minister has proved all the critics and skeptics wrong. Some opinion polls are now predicting BJP's victory in the Karnataka Assembly election.

    It is clear that the Modi magic still remains. Despite continuous and non-stop criticism of the Prime Minister and the ruling party, i.e., BJP, during last four years, the Prime Minister and BJP are going stronger. Some political leaders and parties in the opposition camp have started understanding the truth. So, many such parties and leaders have started contacting BJP. Needless to say that these leaders and parties are trying to ride the Modi wave during the next Lok Sabha election to be held in 2019 and become partners of NDA.

    Now the question is: Which political parties and leaders are going to ride the Modi wave in the next Lok Sabha election?

    What is your opinion?

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    It is too early to tell about it. There is almost one year for the general elections. Much can happen within this time. The immediate is the Karnataka elections. The Karnataka results will have some psychological effects on the different parties. There can be review, rethinking and realigning. So only after seeing the Karnataka results we can have at least some guess.

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    Though the author has created this thread for the purpose of connecting the content to the tow topic, in reality there is no "wave" as such as opined and predicted by the BJP and author. Why because, the BJP has played the dirty game with AP and TN which are the neighboring states of Karnataka and wholesome people from these two states live there. The way BJP betrayed AP for not giving special status has been well registered in the minds of Telugu voters and like wise TN voters will also show their vengeance for not taking decision on Cauvery Management board in spite of SC order. So all this have negative impact on BJP winning. And Karnataka polls are the litmus test for Congress and BJP and the Congress is putting its full force to retain the power. If that happens then that would be the prelude for the BJP to think about the happenings against its wishes in 2019.
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    A wave is of short duration and subsides by itself. The definition of "ride the wave" is to enjoy a period of success. It will be as brief as the wave. By asking which party or leader are going to ride the Modi wave in 2019, the author is inadvertently predicting the fall of Modi as the person or the party that rides the wave will enjoy the success. The author failed to connect the "ride" properly with what he intended to.
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    It looks waves are subsiding. But, this may be a lull before the storm!
    Regarding AP politics I still believe, TDP's coming out from BJP is an intelligent move plotted by Amit Shah & Co. Because they wanted to cash- in on anti BJP sentiments there. Opposition party is weakened, so that after the election they can form the alliance again!
    What you think?

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    It cannot be a wave, but only a ripple. The ripple is created temporarily around the election campaign and vanishes after the campaign. I do not thing there is any such Modi wave in the south. South is not fit for Modi even if he stands upside down to attract the people of AP, KA,KL and TN. His unsuccessful demonetization, inability to end corruption and black money, GST etc are the key reasons for his failure in the south. So, No one will ride the Modi ripple.
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    Sometime waves are so gigantic due to Tsunami. The impact remains for a very long period. The impact of the present Prime Minister will remain for a quite long time.
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    Let us see the whether Karnataka polls are Gigantic like Tsunami or not. And if that is so whether that affects the neighbouring states too in future.
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    There are many local and regional politicians who can encash on the Modi effect, if at all it is there, in Karnataka.

    In politics, it is a game of opportunism and those who can not take advantage out of this will miss the train.

    The interesting thing is when a party is likely to win in a state the entry of non-core members becomes difficult in it. Those who are smart join the hands well before the events.

    If there is a Modi wave anticipated then definitely the clever and opportunist will ride that while sincere and honest will remain in oblivion.

    If there is no wave, coalition Govt will be formed. If BJP loses then the other winning party will make the Govt. In any case opportunist and clever politicians only will be benefited.

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    Unlike in most of the countries, the election outcome is most uncertain in our country.

    But in due consideration of the recent trends makes us to believe that its again the BJP is occupying the decisive votes for forming t he government. This is not just the prediction but the movements gives us an obvious impression that the people is now looking for a change.

    In any election or a party campaigning, the leadership is important & in the mean time the BJP is favored by the leading & most known to personalities like the PM Modi himself along with the Amit Shah & CM Mr. Yogi. On the contrary, the Congress party is being carried on through Rahul Gandhi, which doesn't part of a attraction anymore. Instead he is just damaging the image of its age old party to even down level.

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    A political thread for the TOW competition. Any fringe party would love to ride on the coattails of the major force. If the BJP gets trough in Karnataka it would be morale booster for the party and its allies. If the Congress wins it would be a psychological victory to begin the race for 2019.
    If it's win or lose for BJP or Congress, it would be a win win situation for all the small parties, among the list would be JD(S), AIADMK ( would be difficult to convince its cadres) and even the TDP may consider coming back into the fold, who knows? Nobody would want to be left alone in the political race, every one wants to taste the benefits of being in power.

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    There is no doubt that the Modi factor still having its importance. NDA will have the advantage of Modi Factor. Really his oratory skills are excellent. He knows very well which part is to be touched. He also knows which he should not touch. But when we see the promises made by them there are many which are to be still fulfilled. There are many reasons for not completing the promises. Now if we give another term they may do many of the given words. So NDA will definitely come out successfully with the Mod factor. But BJP alone may not get the full lead. NDA will form the government.
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    There are few important points,
    1. By next year & during the time of next general election, there would be more population of young adults being added to the voter's list which could transform the whole exercise to one sided.
    2. On religion basis too, the people are much divided then ever before which will also benefit to the BJP & its alliance.
    3. Also, we can't avoid the numbers who now got shifted to BJP who used to be with the Congress party.

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