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    Ride and pride - then and now

    In the earlier days when kings and kingdoms were existing, it was a matter of pride to ride on a horse for hunting. The one who can control the horse and could ride on it successfully was treated as a real hero. There was no other mode of transport and the common man of that day remained as a pedestrian while those who could afford or belonged to royal clan enjoyed the ride on a 'Phalki'. The generation next enjoyed their far off journey by using 'bullock-carts' and the 'jatkas'. Here also the the ride on a 'jatka' where a single horse used to pull the small cart was the choice of those rich and it was their pride to visit their relatives and friends. Scientific inventions made our rides more easier with bicycles, scooters and bikes and the cars.

    In the initial days, our elders used to engage a riksha- a three wheeled cycle where the riksha puller was putting his efforts to drive it while they used to sit comfortably. The car Ambassador was a symbol of pride which became a symbol of taxi when it was replaced by the new model cars. Thus the style and mode of our ride changed with the time but the pride remained as the same. Same is the case with the journey by train and plane. Our Children will share their experience of their ride in Shatabdi Express/Rajdhani and would describe how beautiful is the earth from the window of a plane. Again it is the ride bearing capacity of the parents. The barrier between the haves and have not still continued and a happier ride is the commodity available for those who can afford it.

    As such, what is the difference between 'now and then' in our ride?
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    Nice and thought provoking response connecting to the tow topic. Yes the rides in those days were different and time consuming and also associated with insecurity to self life. And the horse rides were considered one of the pet rides by the Kings for going to short distances and hunting. Maintaining horse were not that easy. It was equivalent to maintaining costly cars. As the era changed, the rides also changed. Now many Industrialists have their own helicopter to hop and go. Some have helipads on their own house top. Such was the technology progress on rides from then to now.
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    The author is on the phases of human civilization from the time we used to have the horses as a primary means of transportation, continuing with the bullock cart to the latest of the comfortable four wheelers on the road.

    The time has changed a lot & so the way we commuted since the time before. During earlier times, the horses were used to be the symbol of being different from the mob which also carried pride along with it. The poor individuals were not able to afford the costliest & so completely dependent on their foot for moving from one place to another place.

    After a long time, we are facilitated by the comfortable means of commuting. We now have the AC coaches which doesn't let us feel the outside atmosphere but instead same as in another seasons.

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    A nice post, the concept of ride is more or less the same only the means have changed. The person taking the lift reaches early, the person taking the stairs, even if delayed also reaches the same destination.

    Agree with the author, in general the pride remains the same. If you look at the have not's who would be off on a Sunday, they would be dressed with clean clothes, go on their cycles or public bus, come back in the evening with a smile and pride telling that they enjoyed the movie of their favorite actor, had briyani from a pushcart vendor etc.On the other had the haves would go in their trendy dresses and cars, see a movie in a inox gold class, have food in a star restaurant.

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    Riding is a pride those days on a horse cart known as Jatka Bandi or Jatka. These days riding on a Benz is the pride. Going by train is a pride those days and today travelling in 1st AC is the pride. Those days air travel is a pride but today having a chartered flight is the pride. The economic conditions changed. But unfortunately, the gap between poor and rich is getting widened. The rich are becoming more rich and poor are remaining poor. The government is coming out with many welfare programs. But the benefit is not reaching the needy. It is going to the pockets of the politicians and other local leaders in the villages.
    These days many people go out for eating many times in a month and waste lot of money but there are people who are not able to get two square meals a day.

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