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    Is it all in the DNA?

    Is it DNA which is the determining factor in some families having great business acumen in the same field for multiple generations? Or do hard work & some other factors play a role?

    How is that some business families, particularly belonging to some community, continue and thrive in businesses, right up to or even more than five generations? How is that there are some communities who dominate some businesses? How is that the sons or daughters of some singers are also very good singers?

    Is it all in the DNA., or is there something more to it?

    For instance, the Chettiar community in Tamil Nadu, is very much known for its finance business. A few enterprising families have also gone into manufacturing, like the famous Murugappa Group of companies of Chennai. It is quite difficult to find young Chettiar men and women who are not into some business.

    Similarly, the Nadar community people control most of the "kirana" shops, in several parts of Tamil Nadu, and a few of them are very famous even in cities like Mumbai.

    The Brahmins of Tamil Nadu are highly educated and go on to become CEOs or world class economists. Dr Raghuram Rajan is one such. Sundar Pichchai, CEO of Google, is from the same community. There is a big joke that they consume too much of curd rice! Nevertheless, they dominate the IITs and IIMs and are into every possible job, everywhere in India or throughout the world.

    The Aggrwarls of India dominate most businesses, and the various Marwari clans are very active too.

    How does this happen? Is it through only hard work and dedication, or is it because of the DNA? Does not the DNA play a major role?
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    For one thing, DNA pass on traits. And DNA affects your life all along. But this genetic software can be cheated or upgraded by cognitive learning.
    We keep learning throughout our lives. This gives us added advantage over other animals because we record our knowledge. We learn through experience. We learn through conditions. Desirable traits of a profession are definitely passed on throughout generations like versatile vocal chords of singers, awesome olfactory sense and dexterity of a cook, strong muscles of an athele, etc.
    But the passion to continue the generations spanning profession is not passed on by genes.

    Because we learn throughout our lives. And we learn what is suited to us and not. Only the obedient conservative kids follow the same profession of their dads. Other rebellious and creative kids follow a different path.

    So yes, traits are required to run a business for centuries; but no business can be run without passion.

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    Some religions and sects have their profession either too followed and practiced with much finesse and that is why their children are bound to follow the same. The Marwaris in Hyderabad are not concerned about the education of their children, they just wait for the boy to know the arithmetic calculations in full and rest the father would teach the intricacies of business first by employing the son as one of the employee in shop and even giving the salary. Thus brings qualitative change in the boy has to how to earn money, how to safeguard business and how to develop business. When anyone visits small towns early in the morning, it is the marwari shops which are open at the wee hours soliciting the customers. On the contrary the old city people of Hyderabad are just think that they are Nawabs even today. The shop owners opens the shop at 1 in the afternoon and business runs until midnight. So it is not the DNA but the habit and following others count.
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    To some extent, credit goes to DNA or hereditary traits but on a broader prospect, if an average intelligent person is given upbringing in a particular environment, he will definitely perform same as the persons described in the thread by the author.

    For the same intelligence level what matters for success and performance is environment and opportunities. So attributing the success only to the genes may not be true. It is also true about political positions. Just because of influence and connections the son takes over ministership from father. No special talent is required.

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    There is nothing like DNA to match the trade or profession. It is the training and experience that matters. A businessman will always try and train his wards to continue their business. Same is the case with other professions. One becomes a doctor not by the DNA, but the medical studies. Most of us drive a vehicle which is the earning profession for vehicle drivers. Do we reason it with DNA?
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    It's not in a DNA.

    Several examples have been given by the author here but there would be many more instances wherein the DNA concept can't be proved but instead it's the background & the culture of a family in which we have grown-up. More often it the inheritance from the previous generations as the means of resources are already there or that we just have to sustain with this.

    I do feel that the most famous name of Dhirubhai Ambani, didn't have the business background but continued with what he felt was good to get more money till he became a recognized brand. And if I give you one personal instance that myself being still in a job but having in mind of creating with self developed job. And if I continued with this motive then some day I could own my own business.

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    A lawyer's son will become a lawyer as it is advantageous to him by getting the customers from his father and this is the heritage. Similarly, a doctor's son will prefer to be a doctor as his father's customers will become his customers. I know many people who are like this. I don't know whether DNA will play a role or not, but their parent's influence will be useful for these people. An actor's son will become an actor even though he doesn't have any acting skills. 2 or 3 movies of him maybe failure but slowly he will learn and establish himself. Similarly, a politician's son will opt for politics because his father's followers will become his friends.
    Actually, the caste classification has been done basing on the profession they take up. The families who were doing business were classified as Vysyas and their family members continue the business.

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