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    That's why I like her!

    Happily walking along the beach road, the two friends were discussing various topics of general nature and sharing their views. It was not a regular routine but a finest moment of their meet after a long gap of years together. Both were room-mates in the University hostel during their Postgraduate course of study. Raj and Kishan had their bond of friendship very stronger and it continued longer. But Kishan had more bondage with the 'Muruga' apartment lying on the roadside opposite to the 'sea' where his fiancé Pravalika was staying with her friends to pursue studies. The rose of love blossomed well and turned into a marital bond after Kishan got selected as a Probationary officer in a bank. They spent their happy days together. Destiny decided different careers for them. Raj shifted his study to BITS Pilani to do MCA and settled down in US later.

    Time and tide wait for none. Kishan became a Chief Manager and got an opportunity to serve at the same place where he did his PG course and fallen in love with Pravalika. After all, it is destiny who decides our fate and Pravalika unfortunately reached the Heaven adobe leaving her two children at the hands of Kishan.

    Now Raj returned to India and took over a lucrative job in a MNC in Bangalore. He was meeting all his old friends and relatives.

    Raj was little surprised to look at his friend with his normal composure. Finding it very difficult how to start with, he looked around. The Muruga apartment was no longer there and he couldn't recognise the place as a five star hotel by name Novetel occupied the entire space.
    "What are you looking at? No Murugan or Armugam... Everything has vanished in the name of development", Kishan intervened.

    "Of course, the lady after whom I was also vanished from this earth too...", suddenly he broke out.

    Raj patted his shoulder and took him to the shore. Both of them slowly settled down watching slowly upcoming waves towards the shore which they enjoyed and got thrilled during the days of hostel.
    Raj tried his best to back his friend to normal and enquired about his children, continued his talk about his old friends.

    Finally he tried to convince him about his future but Kishan responded,
    "Who can fill the space? She was the one who understood the sorrow behind my smile; the love behind my anger and the reason behind my silence.
    Let me live like this and I will carry the sweet memories all along."

    These words were ringing with double sound in his ears. A true love and marriage are built on trust and the bond never breaks even when one of them leaves amidst of life. Raj finally recalled the quote- 'One beautiful heart is better than thousand beautiful faces'. Yes, his friend is looking more handsome now and a symbol of 'Eternal love'.

    An entry for Shorty story writing contest
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    A nice narrative storyline full of human sentiments and relationship.

    Meeting an old friend after a long gap brings back memories of old times and things are flashed back spontaneously.

    The soft feeling of love and agony after one is deprived of it are the two corners of human life and well sketched in this story.

    Knowledge is power.

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    There are few things actually match with my cousin who is now officer in Bank and who also live with the same strategy of Kishan (I do not know whether it is fortunate or unfortunate even his name is one of the Krishnan's name) 'One beautiful heart is better than thousand beautiful faces' when his wife suddenly disappears to reach the heavenly abode 10 years before leaving a daughter in his hands, even after his parents insisted him for a second marriage during initial time and could get the same answer from him "Who can fill the space? She was the one who understood the sorrow behind my smile; the love behind my anger and the reason behind my silence".
    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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    A truly touching story. Life always has surprises for everyone of us and it is not possible to just take it in the stride, when such a major tragedy happens.

    As narrated by one of the members, I have seen men or even young women, to prefer to brave it all. They never prefer to get remarried. For them, the memories of lovely times is more important. For them, it is these memories that keep them alive.

    This is precisely why elders often advise the young people to always remain united and not to fight for silly reasons. It always happens that one major event, gives us a big jerk, from which we take a long time to recover. This will make us somewhat pessimistic, but life has to move on.

    So, it is excellent that the concerned person, opted to stay single. This is the best option, given the tragic departure of his wife.

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    A wonderful story that tugs the heart. There are times in life when the unthinkable grief or loss happens and yet we have to carry on for the sake of ourselves and others dependent on us. On one hand we have to grieve and come to terms with our loss and on the other we have to carry on with our jobs and other commitments. As adults, it is not easy to share our inner most thoughts, at times like this, friends become an invaluable source of support for us, they hear us out, help us out and give suggestions boldly even if we don't like it.

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    An excellent attempt by the author and really it is touching the hearts of the readers. I think the author reserved his name in the list of winners.
    It is the life wherein everything will not happen as we wish. But we can't stop going on even though certain things go the other way. This happens for many people. Time can't wait for a time also. It will be going on. Whatever may happen time will be moving.
    In Visakhapatnam, one of my relatives was staying with his wife and mother. He was seriously sick. The wife is serving him and taking care of him. One day the husband expired. Within a few minutes, the wife also expired. Everybody told that they are together on the earth and they will be together in the other land also.
    I know another case where the husband has to take care of his children when the mother expired and he never went for a second marriage and taken care of the children very well.

    always confident

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