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    Most of the times we talk about food in our homes!

    Is food the main topic of discussion in your home? Share your views on this fun topic!

    Did you notice that in many houses most of the times people generally talk about food. What will we have for lunch and what we will have for dinner are the routine questions asked time añd again. If some guest is visiting then questions are asked in that aspect. Who is coming and what they may like.

    It is true that preparing food and eating are the essential activities but sometimes I feel that we are giving too much time to discuss and finalize the menus and other arrangements.

    What is your opinion on this?
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    Food is the main thing in one's life as the saying itself started as'roti,kapda aur makhan'. Also one can say 'enough' only when e offer food to him or her as he/she cannot utter the word even you offer a crore.
    Moreover when we talk about food we can learn many things new. I learnt from my sister in law that 'if we add curry leaves lastly while cooking to get a special aroma'. I learnt preparation of dhokla and rajma of on an aunty in Delhi during my visit to her house in 1983.

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    Yes it is the fact that food has been discussed in many homes many a time because food is the integral part of daily chores by any house hold and on daily basis it is a challenge for them to prepare different food and serve them to the tasty requirements of the house members and even visitors. In a house not every one likes the same food. The takes care of every ones taste and she prepared varied food for every one to eat, relish and enjoy and for that she gets immense satisfaction. Mother is the only person in the world who works all the 365 days in a year without rest and yet not got any recognition or remuneration. Have you ever thought what kind of planning goes before preparing the food, what will be their exact prediction of how many members are going to be served and care must be taken not to waste the food and no shortage too. So we should not under estimate the households for talking regarding food only.
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    It's not about menu or the food habit but this way you create an image of yourself in the minds of others. The image of your concern about other people taste & interest as well.

    Or in another words that we simply present ourselves in someway in order to impress others. Still could be different things to different people but it's part of our culture too. So I would consider this as an study involving the procedures to validate our feelings to the visitors as this directly related to ur past culture that we have inherited this from our generations.

    Although, this all is a matter of some time because of online serving of different menus to our home directly.

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    There is nothing wrong in discussing matters related to food. This is mainly because food is the most important driving force behind all our efforts.

    Food has different variations. I have seen several houses where new recipes are discussed between the mother in law and the daughter in law in a very cordial atmosphere. I have also seen very young girls learning the art of cooking through you tube, in a very big way, with the husband sharing a good deal of the process of cooking. More so, among the IT professionals.

    Food, when prepared and given to others, takes a new turn and there is happiness all around. For example, in the month of May, every year, in every small town and in several villages there is an annual festival called the "Amman Thiruvizha". Though there are quite a few religious activities associated with this one or two day festival, the most interesting part is the huge amount of food prepared by voluntary organizations and given free of cost to anyone who lands there, irrespective of whether he or she attends the festivities or not.

    Not only food, water, cool drinks, butter milk and what have you, are also arranged and given to anyone who wants it. The occasion itself brings about communal harmony, and there is no difference between communities or even religion, as there are even Muslims and Christians who not only participate but also donate huge amounts for preparing food.

    This is a summer special in most of T Nadu. As regards wastage of food in marriages and other family functions, it is very sad that a huge amount of food gets wasted. In marriages, it is fine if the items are served only after the people sit down to eat. If the items are served even before the guests arrive, the wastage tends to be very huge. I personally think that we should take this rather seriously.

    Of course, new recipes need to be tried out even in hotels. When the hotels themselves become famous, the food items and even special food items will become the talk of the town.

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    In most of the houses taking food three times a day is very common and in some cases, it can go to four if you count the snacks taken in between. So this is a major activity and it is natural to talk about it because you cannot give same food repeatedly and will have to ask for choices especially from the children. They will ask different things at different times.

    The time when the family sits for lunch or dinner is the time to relax and enjoy and in many households that time itself they will decide the next menu.

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    If the proven proverb is - Eat to live and Live to eat, what else can have the priority in our day to day discussion at home? We can have a home without a bedroom or bathroom, but never without a kitchen. Food and Clothes are the primary needs and cannot be compromised. Shelter can be secondary under the Sun.
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    We do talk about food and the dishes that are good as seen in the TV and other channels. Cooking shows are among the most popular and most watched shows too. Often the ladies at home plan and get things ready, try out a recipe that they learnt from others or from the cook shows. At our home we encourage this to have a different taste and dish that is home made.

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    Yes, that's correct. I mostly think about what will I eat in dinner and in the breakfast and then in the lunch. We people have a habit of eating spicy food a lot. That could be any particular dish. I always look for some chilli taste in whatever the vegetable is being prepared at my home.

    We all want to eat good and healthy food, taste also matters so we want to not forget adding spices in it.

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    It is correct that we are driven by our taste buds to the foods of our liking. Food of choice or liking is a vital factor for determining what food we will have for the supper today.

    When we go to a restaurant we scan the menu and then stop at the exact item of our interest and then order for it. So it is very true that taste is something which dictates us and guides us to the dishes of our interest.

    We talk of food most of the times as the taste of it instigates us to talk about it. So think of your choice food and enjoy it in a yummy-yummy way.

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    Generally, if there is more than one lady in the house, the discussion will be there every day about the menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I feel it is not a waste of time. The people are talking all the precautions and make the food so that all the people in the house will cherish the food. When people eat the food if they appreciate the food, the ladies who made the food will feel happy. Forgetting that happiness only they discuss so much about food.
    It is much better to discuss food than wasting time on cellphones playing some waste games and chatting with unknown people.
    In my house, my wife and the two daughters in law will daily discuss these points. In the night they discuss the next day dishes and whatever preparations they have to make will be made in the night itself. In the afternoon they discuss the dishes for night.

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    I think the food is an element that binds us and keeps us connected and therefore we tend to discuss a lot about food. It is very common for children and even adults in a family to inquire about the menu for breakfast before going to bed at night. I don't think it is a waste of time to discuss food; rather, it is an act of creation and ingenuity. Don't we criticize food if it is not palatable or is not in terms of our taste buds? We do; because the food is one of the most important factors that keep us going. Why do people work? It is basically to ensure a one time meal. So, let us keep discussing the food; be it be the taste, menu, ingredients or the variations that can be brought in. It can help to keep us connected.
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