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    Observe the talents hidden in your children

    Many parents expecting study,education only from their children. But some children possess some extra ordinary talents in them rather than study. They symbolically express their this skill at times. But many parents overcome this and divert them into study either by threatening or beating. Recently a child named Smirtha of Korattur,Chennai showed her greatness in drawing with many medals and cups.Though her father working in a private concern,encourages her. Besides her father, her brother and mother encourage her much. She developed her drawing skill through internet only and not attended any coaching classes. She makes 3D drawings,initially she took herself as a model. Her parents told that,'initially she draw something in papers,we took casually as it was children's activity but later my son only informed her alarming capacity to us.'
    Parents should observe the children's special talents and encourage them further.
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    Baby Smirtha with her awards.

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    Yes it has become necessary and important to make keen observance of our children behavior and we have to take decisions based on behavior. Children are greatly influenced by the talent already possessed by the elders at the house and hence may follow them. They are also greatly influenced by the friends who tends to behave differently and our children want to ape them. And finally the society in which we live has the effect on the talent of the child. If you reside in the labor class area the child also behaves in the same manor. That is why while nurturing child all these factors must be taken in to account.
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    Good post to encourage parents to really know their children and their capabilities. Normally parents expect children to be good in studies, some want them to be good in sports.
    But few parents really notice their children's talent in drawing, poetry, memory skills and vocabulary. Many children would have hidden talents that need to be identified by the parents and supported.
    One should watch a 5-year-old boy, Ryusei Imai on the Steve Harvey show in the US who imitates a Bruce Lee fight scene to perfection without even looking at it. The video on youtube popular. Whatever the children like are good in, if it's constructive, we can groom them without pressurising them.

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