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    Late to bed and early rise - is it possible?

    In this modern age, everyone is busy in making a career, raising a family and acquiring amenities to live a good life.

    There are people who go for a job and in the evening attend classes to enhance their educational qualifications so that they can get a promotion or switch the job for greener pastures. There are people at higher posts and levels who are having a lot of responsibilities of their offices and reach their house late in the night.

    These people are generally going to bed at late hours but due to compulsions some of them have to get up early and start their day. So there are some people who are going late to bed and getting up early.

    Is it possible to maintain such an exertive routine for a long time? Will it not adversely affect the health of the individual? What do you think about this?
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    Late to bed and early to raise No way and not possible. For any Individual at least 6 to 8 hours deep sleep without disturbance would make the next day without any snags. Otherwise one would have the drowsy feeling , having the sense of sleep always and one cannot drive nor given attention to others talking. All these factors would make the person further lazy and where ever he sits, he shall pick up the sleep easily. That is why politicians now on election trail in Karnataka are seen sleeping nicely on the stage when others are giving their talk. These are due to sleep disorder.
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    If I am not wrong then I would like to correct the sentence as "Early to bed & early to rise", adding that "makes a man healthy, wealthy & wise".

    Concluding with a fact that It's a matter of habit.

    Don't make a promise to yourself but instead make a commitment & go ahead. What we need take a note of is that we got limited time offered to us & so achieving the unlimited desires wouldn't ever be possible. So it's always good to list the most important priorities & start doing working on those. During young age & during the time that we become the grown-ups, we are filled with lots of demands from our life & at the same time quite encouraged to fulfill those as soon as possible. To its very fact that we are pressurized by the growing competition & fast change in technologies which is always required to keep us updated & refreshed or else most probably we would be kicked out.

    Except for few of the personalities, we don't find that in the past we did have much craziness of achieving the things as we are witnessing now a days. We find this everywhere & even to within ourselves.

    What is important is to balance the things before making any steps. Many millionaires have repented of their life as & although having good money with them but failed to use them in their own life as after a time they got suffered from some critical diseases or their strength went down.

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    I think it depends too much on the person. Mr Naik, the former full time CEO of Larsen & Toubro, is known to be a workaholic, who put in sixteen to eighteen hours per week and used to work even on Sundays. He would sleep for just around five hours per day, but still be fit the next day.

    Though such people are rare, several successful businessmen are seen adopting to such a punishing lifestyle. For example, the first generation entrepreneurs of Coimbatore city, each of them having businesses worth several hundreds of crores, make it a point to go for walking right at 5AM, even on rainy days. Question them, and they would repeat that they would not sleep beyond five to six hours per day.

    For them, work is worship. They do not find time for any other pastime, though they do get to interact with their family members of weekends or their cars and drive down to the Queen of hill stations in India -- Ooty, which is just around two hours by car.

    So, it is very much possible to adopt to this late night and early rise routine.

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    Unless and until if one does not get a power sleep, he cannot be fit for work the next day, and what ever he does would go wrong and err. This is the universal fact.
    K Mohan
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    I can say with sorrow that in my case ''Late to bed and early to rise'' is true due to my insomnia.
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    In this present busy world, we cannot think of early to bed or late to bed or early rising or late rising. Whenever we get an opportunity, we should rest and sleep. I recommend a continuous perfect rest and sleep for four hours a day whether during day or night would keep us healthy.
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    I can't comment about others individual body but since 4 month I am doing late to bed and early to rise. I too was thinking that a person must have sound sleep at least for 7 hours. To do that if I would sleep at 12, I used to get up 7 or 7.30. Then had no time and rush to work. This habit has cost me a lot physically, I started having body aches and got stiffness in some body parts. I took it very seriously and started doing normal exercises. Getting up in morning at 5.30 am no matter what time I go to bed. Every day I am doing jogging and exercise for 1 hour. Now, after few months, I am feeling much better and fitter as if I am rediscovering my body again. I have no habit of sleeping or taking nap in the afternoon so I am finding it no problem.

    I personally feel that it all about your habit and the way you treat your body. You create your body the way you want it to be. Gone these old proverb which says one need 8 hours to sleep. For me if you have even 4 hours sound sleep, that is good enough for your body. The more your provide luxury to your body, the more you are harming to it.

    So, it all depend on individual instead of it is about majority of people.

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    A person should have at least 6 hours sleep per a day. Once you fulfil this criterion there will not be any problem. If you are going to bed at 11 PM and if you are getting up at 5 AM there will not be any problem. Even getting up at 4 AM is also OK. But less than that continuously is a problem. We should tune our body accordingly. Then there will not be any problem. But if you are not getting even 5 hours sleep regularly there will not be any problem.
    I generally go to bed at 11 PM and get up at 5 AM. It is the practice for me almost from the last 15 years. I got accustomed to that. I generally avoid going to sleep during daytime. % hours sleep will be the best for the body. 4 hours sleep will be very less and you may not be able to get active for long if you don't have sufficient sleep.

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    Most of us would love to sleep for a long time but the problem as mentioned by the author is the time constriants and the pressure of life. Some people have to travel fair distances to work and back. Some have to do extra odd hours to make ends meet. Since the job market is competitive, one has to have an assertive and proactive outlook to the career.

    People willing to make changes and sacrifices can progress further.Some are truly committed to their work and sleep a few hours but most would need a sleep of around 5-6 hours. Yes, lack of sleep would affect them in the long run but would they have any other choice. At times, we can make time by cutting out the time spent on gadgets and channel hopping or surfing the internet without any meaning.

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    Many times I had to practice the 'late to bed and early to rise'. But sure, it will make me tired and fatigued by night the next day.
    Most of the days before some festival, functions,social events and days previous to travel we would be forced to go to bed late and compelled to wake up early. Mostly we would not get good sleep. It will be just lying down for a few hours and then getting up.

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