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    Are you a Selfie freak?

    Is taking selfies really dangerous for your mental health? Check out the opinions in this discussion.

    Do you have the habit of taking Selfies many times a day and posting it in Facebook or other social media sites?

    If so, take care. If half of your photos in your mobile phone are Selfies, then, you are in danger!

    Why do you take Selfie?
    If you take a selfie, you feel good, then you post it in Facebook or other social Medias and you get many likes, then you feel more better. These create a boost and then you will become an addict.

    Bombarding your selfie photos in social media indicate that you are looking for love in wrong ways. This type of self-promotion especially in teen ages causes social anxiety and depression later. It will ruin your relationships, according to American Psychiatric Association's (ASA) recent study. They coined a new word 'Selfitish'- a mental disorder for this behavior. To compensate your low esteem and lack of intimacy, you start taking selfies and posting again and again and again………………….to gain attention.

    ASA is saying Indians are more prone to this mental disorder because maximum Facebook users are Indians in this Planet.

    My simple and humble suggestion:

    Switch off your smart phones and look around, feel the surrounding environment and start speaking to people face to face!
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    There are few trend which comes with the time & then the times comes that the same have been replaced with some another option. Everyone carrying the smart phones must be aware of the "WhatsApp", but in due course we have gone through other platforms as well like the Yahoo chatting.

    When the Facebook came into pictures, I was most fond this that hardily the case was that I didn't see updates from the listed friends. But now this doesn't interest me any more. As I grows to more, I take a note of all the things around me, keeping an observation of its worthiness in my life. And this automatically makes me shifted to more essential jobs.

    I would appreciate the author for his final conclusion that the technologies is not the ultimate happiness but being own self is. So be a part of this nature & the surroundings around you & enjoy this life .

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    I am totally against taking selfie photos now and then and even on marriage and functions I try to avoid group photos with relatives and friends. Taking one or two snaps on wearing a new dress is desirable, but I have seen people updating their profile picture every now and then there by made known to us their movements across the city or country. By the way some have become so crazy that they are taking selfies in front of even dead bodies, at the grave yards and so on. Taking the photos of nature and posting in social media is welcome but not the self photos and loading the same on to internet.
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    There have been reports of children who attempt to take selfies when a fast moving train approaches them and the distance is hardly five meters. This is ridiculous.

    I guess this selfie business is becoming a menace. Uploading the selfies on Facebook is very dangerous. There have been crimes committed by some rascals, who have somehow been able to get more information, from their own sources. Some stupid girls even share their cell numbers with some crooks, when they discover that the boy in question shows so much of affection for them. They do not know that the boy is a lusty fellow.

    This culture needs to be discouraged by parents with all their might. Children need to be aware of the dangers. Adults also need to understand where to draw the line and the social media exposure, in this regard, should be totally avoided.

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    I myself raised more than one threads on this selife-mania which has caused many death in our country. Personally, till date, I have not clicked even a single selfie. Many people would be astonished to know.
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    First a couple of lines about 'Help for selfie addicts'. Nimhans, a premier neuroscience hospital in Bangalore has a program called 'SHUT' - Services for Healthy Use of Technology Clinic. Here they have an assessment and then counselling sessions for people who are addicted to selfies. There would/should be such centres around the country in major hospitals or community centres to help save young lives.

    We have had many threads on the evils of selfie. There are many examples that has made India get the dubious distinction of the Country with highest selife related deaths.

    Just this weekend I received a fowarded video of a bear mauling a person who went to click a selife with a wild bear that was apparently injuried. There was one more video of a man slipping down a waterfall trying to take a picture. Few months back, a man was kille by a tusker in Bangalore zoo when he tired to take a selife and got too close to an elephant enclosure.

    Unfortunately, people in the enthusiasm, spur of the moment lose their basic common sense about the risks involved. It also the mindset of the person that develops the addiction/obsession with selife's.

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    I am not a selfie freak. I rarely use my camera on the smartphone. Even ordinary photos also I will not take much. My wife takes photos regularly on her phone but not selfies.
    During my recent trip to Chardham, I enjoyed the nature very well. I have never taken out my smartphone for clicking the scenarios. I enjoyed them by continuously looking at nature. My wife and my brothers in law have used their camera and phones more. I am seeing those photos after coming back. Many people started taking selfies instead of enjoying nature there also.
    People are getting addicted to these selfies and it is never advisable to take undue risks for taking selfies. We heard much news where many people lost their lives while talking these selfies. one should realise that life is more valuable than a selfie.

    always confident

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