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    How often have you found the news headlines appropriate to its content?

    Do you think the headline of a news item is vastly different from the main core of the news? Why is it so?

    In today's world the news agencies of any kinds are not factual to the realities but instead just moving around creating the news like more a kind of a fiction story. So accordingly, if we read a headline before the story then both would be different in which the headlines has been constructed to attract the reader to the story. Its my personal experience that what the headlines makes us think of, the stories doesn't move in that direction but the outcome would be different quoting that this was said by someone & the incidence wasn't in context to what was said.

    The whole story has been constructed referring to the source as "from the unknown sources" & we were diverted in either way to believe the story. Although this leads to the selling of their contents but don't we feel that this remains the irresponsible behavior on behalf of those firms & news channels?

    The news are interpreted to the readers as per the funding of the individuals or the political parties. The problem is that we don't find any law forbidding them to carry on with such stunts.

    The biggest disadvantage is that the because of this crime investigations get effected as this get delayed to time beyond normal & so there is injustice to the victim & the society as a whole.
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    News channels and paper headlines goes with the affiliations they have with each political party. When NTR was dethroned the whole one month, he received good coverage of the media and that made the Raj Bhawan to think again and call for his re installation as CM. Only during that time we have seen media was doing its routine and supporting the cause. But now a days the media is heavily tilted towards parties. Especially the electronic media has been virtually controlled by the ruling party as the ad matters to the channel. So there would be difference between what was shown as headlines and contents thereof.
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    Sir, I do not know if you are a regular reader of THE HINDU from Chennai.

    In fact, most Civil Service aspirants only read this newspaper, since it is a very reliable newspaper, started by people who really wanted the nation to flourish. This newspaper does not give any room to sensationalism and is seen as a highly objective newspaper, the kind of which this nation has never seen.

    If you go through the editorials, you can easily identify that for this newspaper, issues count. Sensationalism does not. Patronage does not. It does not follow any political philosophy, that this newspaper has opposed the crass communal politics played out by the RSS and the BJP.

    It has never supported the ruling party in Tamil Nadu, and has been quick to point out, through its editorials, the merits and demerits of any particular issue. It has blindly not supported any point of view, only because it comes from any powerful source.

    This newspaper has conquered many a citadel and does not fear competition. For instance, the Times of India, Chennai, is seen as a very lively newspaper, but when it comes to quality content, it is way behind. No household will be complete without one copy of this newspaper.

    So, there are exceptions like The Hindu, and this will always continue.

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    I would like to add along with contents posted by the author, not only the contents and the title does not have much correlation, nowadays in online portals, there will be related news headlines after the contents and even that will have so many mismatches as the search is based on simple letters and not even words. One such thing, I have recently come across is, when a news on Nirmala Seetharaman is there, its related news comes even with the tally of Nirmala with another Sex scandal in TN Nirmala Devi.
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    I find this thread interesting. In this connection, I will share one of my Journalism teachers view. He always advised us to make the title very attractive and interesting so that the title forces the readers to go through the entire article/news-item. But unfortunately, many of us make the title totally irrelevant/out of place considering the subject-matter of the news-item.
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    There is some truth in what the author says and it depends on the news item, often more in the TV media than the print form. A good story that is thin on facts is often padded and gives an eye catchy title that instantly makes the reader curious and makes him/her read the entire post only to be disappointed with what little is in the article.

    Somehow over the years, the media has slowly become commercialized and importance is given to who can publish the breaking news first, have a bold title rather than substance. Many titles are just like a smoke screen that covers a rather dull or very sparse news report. Apart from this, Se has the intense competition be it newspaper or the TV channels, all fight it out for their presence and TRP ratings. there are a host of new generation media personnel who has to prove or make their mark in an already crowded field and some resort to sensationalizing what little they have in hand.

    As far as the title goes, media can have a dash of sensationalism and attractive titles but that alone should not be the only thing, it should match the quality of the content too.

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    There are some newspapers and channels which will twist the facts and try to get more viewers and readers. But there are very good papers and channels which will give only facts. The Hindu is one such newspaper which will give facts only even though a little delay in giving the news. Similarly, ETV Telugu also gives only facts and the news it gives are most reliable and there is no gossip or unreliable news in these papers and channel. Eenadu Telugu daily is also a newspaper which gives facts only.
    But there are some channels like TV9, who will give all unreliable and predictive news to attract people and they will always give biased news only.
    We should see the reliable channels and papers only.

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    Very relevant to the thread and the content, I came across an Indian express headline about MLAs being offered money in Karnataka, but even after clicking it, the title is different from the content. Also there is news about missing Congress MLAs that has been quoted to be false by a Congress minister.
    At times the papers have to sell the news or have a very eye catchy title , if they keep waiting for confirmation or proper announcement, they would loose time and viewership.

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    There are some media houses and news channels which are misusing the power of press and misleading the public. The gullible people are being more affected by these stunts.

    All the channels are not like that. There are many who go by the ethics of journalism and present the correct picture to the viewers.

    In the name of freedom of expression some news agencies are going beyond the limits and presenting bogus and false materials in their programs just to earn cheap popularity and good revenue through advertisements. We should be careful of such channels and avoid them as far as possible.

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