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    Joyful people, how can grow to be civilize

    Happily children's gang enter in JoJo after a long morning walk on seashore.
    Mom shouted keep quite , see Jojo is looks like a big garbage place not home.
    Shivyan jumps, on other hand all children are quite.
    Shivyan (excitedly) : Mom, mom when we go for morning walk. We saw many plastic bottles, thermocoal glass and plates lay here and there in spite of dustbin. It is very dangerous for environment and sea creature life.
    All shout at once : we want aware people about environment and sensitive sea life. How such garbage spoil it.
    Mom comprehend : Yes, dear so many people are educated illiterate. So, we should educate people by joyful way.
    Shivyan : How can ?
    Mother : Think for a moment , good idea , we play nukked Natak in evening time because generally people visited at that time and ate , throw such thing . if we play nuked Natak . It must be impact on many people and spread a sincere massage .
    Children : Yahooooo,
    Mother (with mysterious smile) : first, first we start Swachh Jojo Abhiyan from home.
    Children : done, and starts cleaning with help of mom.
    Jojo like a serene , now sun ray entered in home. After taking breakfast all are busy for making script and practice .
    On that evening Seashore is full of visitors many eat ice-cream and other eatable. Some are walking and enjoy sea waves.
    Mother and children's gang start play near sea beach .
    They hear melodies piper sound gather turn huge. People are very excited and saw all play curiously .
    Shivyan : see, sea it is the home of fishes, crabs and other, when we want neat and clean home why not they.
    Children (sound with proud ) : Yes , if answer is yes who spoil their home .
    Mother : Who ? you, me and we.
    Shivyan ( point the finger in front of crowed) : who like the dirty place
    you, you, me and we.
    When play is end of its stage people start collect the garbage and throw into the dustbin.
    Beach is looking more beautiful fresh air and green coconut tree looks more attractive.
    Mother : kiss the children with love.
    Now all feel satisfy.
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    A nice satire to educate children for cleanliness and get them practically involved in it.

    Keeping our surroundings clean is the big challenge today and Govt cannot do it without the active support of people.

    The citizen groups during morning hours and evening hour can contribute a little in this respect and as well said 'little drops make an ocean', we can collectively achieve the dream of clean India.

    Knowledge is power.

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    A beautiful story underlining the need for cleanliness. I have enjoyed the story. I wish the author participates more frequently.
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    Author has nicely taken us through a lovely story imparting the need for cleanliness among the children which is the most important thing every parent must inculcate at the young age.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    A nice thoughtful thread about awareness and concern for the environment. The authors also conveys the impact of street plays for social issues. Street plays are excellent methods of delivering social messages especially in closely knit communities, rural areas and a large audience from various walks of life.

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    The importance of upkeeping the environment clean and neat is very well depicted in the thread. This has become a practice to all to use plastic and throw anywhere and everywhere instead of using well-placed dustbins. This is the dirtiest part of many civilised people also.
    The author tried to bring in awareness among the members of ISC regarding the environment.
    Everybody wants their houses and premises clean and neat. But they don't bother about the common places like streets, seashores, parks and roads. As a good citizen, we should keep not only our house but also all other places very neat and clean. A good attempt by the author to educate the people.

    always confident

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    This reminds me of one small incidence. While travelling from Delhi to Katni (My home town in MP), the train got stopped at one station. On the same compartment wherein I had a birth, was a family. Now as the train was still at the middle of the station, the small child hint at his mother for toilet but his mother told him to wait for sometime until the train start moving & leave the platform. And that small child without any further argument followed the instruction.

    Like above instance we got face to face with many other instances which is really beautiful & which keep us reminding of changes being taking place around us which we hardily make any effort to take a note on. On the other hand we are also surrounded by the grown-ups who are not behave as a sincere or a responsibility citizen which gives us some wrong impression.

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