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    Why the earth is always divine?

    Pride Moment for Jasagos as she stared the email received from her dream project hmm(human mission to mars) Vanamali, a commercial spacecraft that she has been selected to explore the Mars colonization architecture later this year.

    As soon as she got the email, she has googled about the recent development as she forgot about the same, she had applied almost 3 years before. At that time she was very much excited and even written in a blog contest about her dream destination as Mars. But in these three years, there are many things happened in her life and there are much more responsibilities added in her life. While googling it, she happened to know about Dragon which is a test flight of capsule to Mars which may give a clear picture of the need of technology to take the human load to the red planet Mars. There is one Dragon 2 which is a spaceflight system can land anywhere in the solar system and it is to and fro colonial transporter. Dragon is only a test flight wouldn't be fun for the long journey and which may take at most of the earth-moon region in the space.

    Also, it will take its own time to explore to and fro.

    With so many thoughts in her mind, she went asleep.

    The day come when mars dragon ship started its journey and she had prepared and say bid adieu to everyone as the mission will take its own time to reach and return.

    She could see dried-up lake-bed over Oregon and could see the formation of Sri Yantra, Hanumanji doing Tapas on the Himalayan Mountains and a vibration over the Saneeswar Temple above Tirunallar of Tamil Nadu etc.,

    She was bit surprised to hear

    Vanamali Gadi Sharangee
    Changee chakreecha Nandaki
    Sriman NarayanoVishnur
    Vasudevobi Rakshatu

    Lord Narayana who also took the form of Krishna! Who holds the bow,sudharshana wheel to protect us from dangers. Please protect us from any danger and make our journey smooth.

    After hearing this, she thought it is a good reminder to her as she didn't recite this before the start of the journey.

    Suddenly she came to the divine earth when her grandson wakes up her by calling Ma! Ma!

    Then she realized that she travelled her dream project in the dream only. Also, she feels, Mars or Earth, Earth is divine and answered her grandson that she will be waking up by saying Yes!.

    This is the story for the contest Place the words, write a story
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    Excellent story Madam!
    My regards.

    I love chocolates and ice creams!

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    Nice write up from the author. Glad to see the incorporation of Vishnu Sahasranamam in between the content and that enhanced the pride of the write up. By the way why the earth is divine because only here we have the presence of Bovine- that means the holy cow. We the Hindus worship the cow very much and even those persons who does not believe in existence of God, can simply touch the cow and bow to it, by doing so he prayed to the Gods of 3 crores present in every cow. That is the divine presence amidst us that is why we must give food or grass to cows when ever we spot them.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    A good write up by the author. Really the earth is always divine. It takes the hardships and gives us life. It gives us food, air and water. In turn, what is that we are giving. Hardships only.
    always confident

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    A nice write up about progressive thinking of space exploration beyond moon. To land on mars is a dream project. A subtle point brought out here is that when we think of something we desire or we love a lot, we often dream about the same things. One fine day, such dreams also becomes true for some.

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