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    Why the "Notepad" does not have the spell error check facility ?

    We all know that the note pad available on our computer is the greater handy tool to write contents and then paste where ever we want. Now a days the ISC pages are flooded with gif ads which appears just above the content writing box and that is not allowing us to type the matter faster and hence I was forced to use the notepad, write the content and then post in the writing box. But while writing matter in the notepad, it is not taking care of spell mistakes if any, and thus there is a need for adding a spell checker to the notepad and how to do it. Can any ISCian guide me on this ?
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    As the name indicates, Notepad in Windows is similar to the physical notepad which is used for taking notes where we want to note down important items and don't bother about spellings. It is normally used as a rough draft to note down the important points and hence no spell check facility is available.

    If you intend to look for something which does the spell check then you have to open MS word. I do not see any difference in the way of opening MS Word or Notepad. The clicks are going to be same. One best suggestion I can give you is to pin MS word in your taskbar so that in a single click you can open it and start typing. There is also another tool which is called "Notepad++" which is an upgraded version of Notepad. You can add plugins in Notepad++ to do spell check but I would rather suggest using MS word if you really want to do the spell check.


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    As I have worked till now, the "NotePad" is a Microsoft Windows text editor which is often used for viewing system files or when you view the source of a web page. This only based on simply texts & not facilitating the formatting or for switching to graphical mode. But the latest version is said to have the basic facilities as well.

    I have come across with another very important tool or as a mechanism in which we can do some coding with it. For example, there is an ERP software, referred to as SAP. This is made of Script tool which facilitates us to download the transaction & can be molded through NotePad in such a way that after few changes, we can repeat the same transaction as many times as possible. I know that I haven't been able to clarify this aspect as this concern to one technical aspect.

    So this way, the Note Pad got its own importance, that & although we having Microsoft Word as a essential package but still carries this one.

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    Thanks Syed, Notepad ++ has been downloaded and I am using it.
    K Mohan
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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