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    When we have a constructive learning after every defeat, then why we should fear about set backs ?

    On our daily life we are bound to confront with challenges and setbacks of varied nature and to some of which we does not have the immediate solution at sight and yet we try to cope up with the problem and deal with grit and ability. And when constructive learning experience is sighted, we are totally relieved. If that is the case then why should we worry at all over the impending problems and setbacks which are equally accompanied by a solution in future. So never go beyond much thinking, just relax, as some problems even gets solved on its own based on our coolness in handling it ?
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    Yes, Sir. The problems or the defeats do teach us many things. It teaches us how to be more careful in future. It teaches us to spread the message to one and all, and ensure that they do not get into similar problems.

    The two types of learning from real world experiences can be highlighted here. For example, in Chennai city, when a host of private companies in the mid nineties started advertising for public deposits, offering huge rate of interest on such deposits, hundreds of depositors flocked to such firms, and made their hard earned money work there.

    It did seem great going for some time. However, when there was a recession and huge deposits in real estate did not yield the desired results, the promoters of such fraud companies ran away with the money of depositors, running into several crores. Most of the money vanished into thin air.

    The learning? Never trust such companies. Even in all this heat, Sundram Finance, a superb company of the TVS group, that still has 2000 crores in Fixed Deposits, and a huge asset base, offered just 12 per cent. Those who stayed with this organization, were very safe.

    Since then, there is a great deal of awareness about such "blade" companies.

    The second type of learning is from our bitter experiences in the Corporate world. One of the biggest lessons that anyone learns the hard way, is to share our experiences with even the most trusted friend -- be he or she a colleague, one ranked higher, or even a subordinate.

    Such ventilation of frustration is carried on with juicy stories, to the bosses and, some mirch masala is also added to the stories.

    The end result? We become more miserable, and then we learn not to trust the concerned person. However, this is only part of the story. The big lesson is that none can be, and should be trusted in Corporate environments, as it is just a huge rat race and no one will ever have noble intentions.

    Yes, problems do get solved over a period of time. For example, when our children are studying in some professional course, we would have a temporary problem with funding, but this gets solved with the next year's increment, or through some cost cutting. Problems never remain the same.

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    Apprehensions and fears are embedded in human nature and they will be there many times in many situations.

    We learn by failures and prepare for next attempt. That is an experience. Still, everytime some doubt about the performance or results will always be there.

    Knowledge is power.

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    It's a human mentality & this remains the case with each one of us.

    No matter how successful, the individual becomes but there is somewhere he would be hesitant to in context of the outcome. The future is uncertain & this uncertainty keeps us reminding of the condition that we may also lead to the failure.

    This is nothing but the part of a study of psychology,

    The important thing is that we need to get ourselves involved as much as possible. Only the time that we come face to face with the complexities & the problems of life that we understood the things better. The more we carrying the understanding, the more maturity we gather we gather within ourselves. And in continuation we come up with the commitment & with the determination to keep the problems behind with a developed attitude of problem solving skills.

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    Even though we learn from our mistakes and defeats in the end, when we start a task we are always worried about the outcome, when we face a problem we are worried about the solution. Only the degree and time frame for which this worry carries on changes.

    As humans we always shun failure or a setback, any decent student would not write an exam and say that he is happy if he fails, even the most carefree person would say something like, tough luck, I failed. The situation becomes better as age and experience in life advance because we would have experienced our share of success and failures.

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    That's right, we try not to be worried from a setback, but it is bound to happen. It is human nature to worry about small things. Situations and moments turn around to realize the importance of happiness and success in our lives.

    We see our positive approach and optimism when we face any issues, when we face troubles. That is why we need such setbacks and problems to happen, to re-build our tenderness, to regain our confidence. To build up more of our peaceful personality, problems are required too in our lives.

    Do what inspires you !!

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