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    Does it matter how we earn our money?

    Recent days, in the build-up to the elections, the aspiring candidates declared income runs in multiple crores. The papers are often full of news snippets about people who are rich beyond their means some living a luxurious life. Many of us would have come across people whose means to riches would be doubted by others.

    If we, pause and think, one of the key aims in life is to have a source of income or earn money for our needs, our dependents and life. Some struggle to make ends meet by sticking to their principles, ethics they believe in and moral code. Yet some have more than enough in life and they accumulate riches by various means without even batting an eyelid.

    In the long run, does it really matter how we earn our money? Because when we look around, see people amassing wealth by means that are questionable, it makes us wonder have we made a mistake of earning by the moral/ethical lines that we have drawn for ourselves and missing out on the things in life that only money can do in the current world?
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    I personally feel that it matters how we earn our money. Opinions and views can differ. Personally I do not like to get doles or easy money. I am one who has not bought lottery tickets(barring a couple of occasions when I bought a lottery ticket just to get some change of money). As I have the conviction and feeling that my money is' hard earned', I am very careful in spending it also. I am not rich, but limit my wants and wishes to be fulfilled within my means. Till now, by God's grace I am able to manage within my means with an economic living.

    I am of the view that not just aims, but means also should be right-legally, morally and socially.

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    There are many sources of income for any body to earn. But middle class people prefer decent earnings from a government or good private jobs. Some people are even averse to earn through back door method like applying for LTC and not going at all. Some may show having purchased an item, but never done so. Families are eagerly awaiting the opportunity to earn some quick money through available sources. However nothing wrong in attempting that kind sources as one is not stealing or cheating . They are using the facilities available to them and thus pittance of such earnings wont matter to anyone.
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    Money earned through legal and ethical means will always help us sleep peacefully.

    We earn our respect in society, among friends and relatives, only if we are honest. As they say, Rome was not built in a day. A good character takes decades to build.

    Yes, we are attracted by what others do. There are countless politicians who are the worst of examples, when it comes to making huge money. Only if they are otherwise qualified or have special skills, we can appreciate their wealth or fame. Otherwise, they can be safely dumped, and we should go our own ways. For example, not many know that Dr Subramaniam Swamy, of the BJP is a world-class economist. He teaches at the Harvard Business School and at other places and is a superb consultant on economic affairs. If someone says that he has earned his money, so be it, as the foreign assignments get him huge amounts.

    So, while we need to be aware of all the atrocities around us, let us not deviate from the path of justice, of truth, honesty and integrity. Today, there are avenues available, to legally park our money. For example, if we hold on to a Systematic Investment Plan for more than three years and get our units redeemed, there will no tax deducted, if the amount does not exceed rupees one lakh, in terms of the capital gains.

    Hundreds of thousands of people, who lead good lives, and honest lives, are always appreciated during their lifetime and for decades after their death. A peaceful sleep, every night is more important than tonnes of illegal money.

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    The thread raised by the author is a pertinent one and it is vividly clear that there are many people who are making money by all means good or bad.

    The people who believe in moral or ethics only are not indulging in malpractices. The bad part is that the people caught by the Govt agencies for illegal money-making are getting scot free and enjoying life. That is a thing discouraging and demotivating the moralists.

    Knowledge is power.

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