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    Can we survive without friends?

    The human nature is basically gregarious. We want to be with friends, enjoy with them, share with them and sometimes take solace in their company.

    At the same time, there are some people who do not like to be disturbed and keep their privacy so much that they even avoid mixing with people and keep aloof. Anyways, this varies from person to person.

    Should we keep many friends or few friends or no friends? What is your take on that?
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    Friends are the only ones in this world who help to reduce the tensions & the pressures of our life. Although we are still having options of being interactive with the family members but we got much limitations within us. But instead the friends are meant for anything. Go ahead & enjoy the life or do the dirty things but still friends don't mind.

    If we are honest to ourselves then few secrets can only be known or disclosed to the true friends & not to the family members, no matter how close they are. I admit that only good things can be shared within the family members but we are not hesitant to share even the bad experiences with the friends. I still have few secrets that I have kept only with my friends & not with my parents. The belief & the emotions as well as the feelings are found to be different in our family & the friends. And this unique factor of being different in the ways of thinking makes ourselves sometimes reserved & sometimes free to them.

    Friends are required in order for us to vent out anything which keeps us in the mode of restless or impatience. Till all these are cleared from our mind we wouldn't be able to carry out our jobs in a supposedly good way. Their presence helps to reduce these to go ahead with an easy life.

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    We can survive without relatives, but certainly we cannot survive without friends. In every ones life friends are the integral part of their life and every personal problems are discussed and thus a definite solution and advise is obtained. Some friends are with us during trying times also and they are real friends. Some give their valuable time to us which cannot be measured with money or other terms. Only friends have the freedom to chide us , talk in rude manner and even beat us to rectify. Gifted are those who have good friends beside them always because four persons always required during our last journey.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Even the most aloof people do realize, at some stage or the other, that friends do matter. As Mohan Sir has already said, we do come across situations where we can even do without relatives, but we cannot do without friends.

    Take this reality. After the break up of joint families and, now with the nuclear family itself undergoing so much of stress and strain, all our relatives are only what's up friends, and they maintain, with rare exceptions, a "hai-bye" relationship with us, even if they are living in the same city. Commuting is a problem. Finding time to call on relatives, for whatever reason, is becoming even more difficult.

    And money does play a role. For example, imagine we are sick and admitted in a hospital, in Madurai, which is 2500 kilometers from New Delhi. Even if were to be our own brother, making a trip by air, would set him back by a cool Rs.15,000/-. And then the emotional bonding of helping us further, if we need that help ( thank God, if we don't).

    However, if we have very good friends, they turn up in the hospital, do the running about, meet with doctors and so on. This happens, almost a routine. More so, if they had been helped by us on some occasion or the other.

    Friends also look at our welfare, as if it were their own. They go all out of the way to financially help us, if we need such help. They even do all the household chores.

    I have lived in townships for a good period of my life. My parents were so helpful and friendly to others. The public sector unit had a fairly good hospital attached to it. Even if I had been admitted for just fever, for a period of just four days, I would have a regular stream of visitors in the form of friends, and it always happened that neither my mother nor my father, ever stayed on, with me, in the hospital.

    Friends they really were. After four decades, we are still in touch, through their sons and grandchildren too.

    Absolutely true. Friends will and do make, a huge difference. It is absolutely impossible to do without friends.

    Friends can be superb counselors, guides and philosophers. They can share all our thoughts, worries and all our good times.

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    There are two types of relationships we get.
    1. Those relationships that exist when we are born- like parents, siblings, uncle ,aunt etc.

    2. Those relationships we make or acquire on our own.- Friends, spouse etc come under this category.

    While the with first category, we do not have much choice, with the second category we are fully responsible for starting, maintaining o breaking the relationships.
    We cannot live without the relationships. We cannot live avoiding any friendship. Our life becomes complete only with both types of friends. But it is an established fact that one can confide more with close friends and close friends help o try to help to the maximum possible extent. Good friendship is definitely an asset.

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    Irrelevant of your species or kind, an organism always needs to exist beside it's own kind. Not many animals or organisms live in herds but some kind of contact is absolute. That bluntly means not having friends is not a choice.
    A relationship of some sort will always exist.
    The people reserved and aloof aren't completely neglecting this idea. They just haven't found their match yet and they are probably in a phase which demands extreme concentration and friends mean distraction.
    They too would make and maintain friends when they feel apt. can survive in life without friends but cannot survive insanity in their absence.

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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