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    Removing Values After Decimal Places...How Far This Is Important To Save Environment?

    Few days back I read an article by some unknown person insisting that if we create an understanding & start removing the value after the decimal places would be very much helpful in saving the environment. Initially I didn't get but when I read the whole concept then I really got to know the effort at the ground level which if implemented everywhere then could be proved worth of taking action.

    After all what is the matter here & why this could be important? Let's observe.

    If we take a note here then possibly & throughout, that only for these decimal values the printer uses the energy & ink for billion of times as this is case with any of the organizations, big or small. In fact & for any of those decimal values, are always converted to a certain round figure depending on which side it is & never considered in actual. So almost this got no important role instead showing that we are more concern for other's money which is again a needless expression as few things is only a matter of understanding.

    Now, concluding with the fact that don't we feel that by removing those we can a save few bucks for the company & if the same is implemented on country level then a whole lot of money. Including the paper & ink being used can also be reduced to a required level.

    What's you intake in this?
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    This reminds me of the Bata prices, most would have a .99 added. The idea that we can save ink by aviod decimals cannot be implemented widely. Although individually the values are small but if you take an organisation that has crores of transactions with decimal values, then either the price will have to be raised or lower, but certainly cannot be ignored.

    I don't think we can save paper by avoiding decimals, ink maybe to an extent but paper I doubt it.

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    I don't know how much saving will be there and how much impact it will have on the environment. In fact, these days many offices are becoming paperless offices and it is not very important whether how many values are thereafter decimal places. If one is really interested in the environment they should stop printing the copies and use only soft copies for practical purposes. These days all the people stopped printing the hard copies of the bus tickets and train tickets which is a really good saving. Like this wherever possible we should avoid printing the hard copies and use soft copies only.
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    Saving environment by ignoring decimal places may not be a feasible or practical thing but removing them or rounding to the nearest value can be useful for data management. In fact sometimes it is really unnecessary to keep these decimal places.

    For example giving figures in percentage does not require decimal places. 67% is itself sufficient to express the percentage and making it as 67.28% is not going to help much. It is simply overdoing the thing.

    At the same time decimal may be required sometimes even to four places if financial implications are there. For example in mutual fund buy/ sell transactions it is common to go for four places like buying/ selling the units say at Rs 45.2983

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