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    At what price, permissiveness?

    Years ago, when I lived in a township, some fifteen kilometers far from the city of Tiruchirapalli, I still remember that my maternal aunt ( my mother's sister) would give me Rs.5/-. I used to accumulate this amount and buy crackers at the time of Diwali, and had a great craze for that. This happened when I studied in the sixth or seventh standard.

    My parents would admonish me for even accepting that Rs 5. They were sore that I used all the money of Rs.20 given to me for crackers, by my parents, and then saved money, only to blow it up!!It was another story that after the eighth standard I really lost all interest, and gave it up.

    Cut to present times. I see families where the wife is also employed, more so, if she is also employed in some IT company, there is no time to attend to her own children, aged some eight or ten years old and, to wipe away the guilt, pamper the children so much. I witness situations where parents blow up Rs.15,000 on crackers, more so, just to satisfy the children.

    At what price, are we encouraging, or actively participating, in this permissiveness?

    How can children understand the world around them, if they are given whatever they want and, as if often happens, even without asking for it, in most cases? How will they adjust to some changed situations, where the money is either not available, or not available to the same extent?

    Why should we do all this? Cant't we have either of the grandparents or some good neighbors, to teach our children, what they should want, how and when? And the limits of such wants?

    Are ten year old children not capable of understanding the value of Rs. 100? Why is that we are even not understanding that this is just what needs to be done?

    Why is this generation so different from our own generation? Are they so different that they do not even understand the difference between needs and wants?

    How do we do something about this permissiveness?
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    From the time we came into existence to the time that we came out from the household activities, to the time we became grown up & went to a job & the time comes that we became old & lazy. Throughout we been into different phases of our life. Each of those phases are accompanied by their own uniqueness in terms of experience & maturity.

    During initial times we are into lack of enough experience & maturity & so with this we are not in a position to make a proper judgment about anything. This whole episodes lead us to impatience with an attitude of looking to everything as fascinated & often we are in the fiction world. After a lapse of this phase when we come into the realities of life then we are being diverted to more important issues like the studies & the carrier. And like wise we also prepare ourselves for changes for the coming time.

    These remains a natural process & myself too being evident of this. And as the time is moving myself is being moving slightly to more important aspects of life & I know that this is a continuous process which will further add to my change in taste as well as in habits too.

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    The inability of parents to impart good mannerism within the child because of their pressing time and work timings , some parents are applying other ways of confidence building measure within the child so that he should not get offended or feel that he is not cared or left out. Many parents are also ready to get the school going child with costly mobile phone which is more harmful than helpful. But parents feel that at least the child would be happy without their presence and they can contact him as and when they like. So parents are most confused these days as to how to bring the children ?
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    This is the generation gap. When I was in my junior college, my father used to give me daily one rupee for commuting to the nearby town. The bus ticket was 40 paise to go and 40 paise to come back. 20 paise for my lunch. I used to go sometimes with my friends on a bicycle and I was saving 40 paise on that day. I used to purchase a weekly to my sister with that saved money. The remaining money I used to keep with me. Like this, I saved 80 rupees in two years and I purchased a wristwatch. That is how we used to spend money and we know the value of money.
    But these days there is no value for money. An ice cream costs 100 rupees. The younger generation will say just hundred rupees. Parents can keep their children happy but they should also tell them the importance of money and how to spend the money and how to save also.

    always confident

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