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    Why do pharmacists cut medicines in a special way that name is not seen

    I have seen it many times and even yesterday when I was given medicine at a clinic it was so only.
    The doctor prescribes medicines for two or three days. The in-house pharmacy dispenses the medicines. But the tablet strips are cut so cleverly in a very special way that we never get to read the name of the medicine.

    Why do they do so? How can we know if a wrong medicine is given to us? This not only happens with the in-house pharmacy. But even with the medical shops if we buy it not as a full strip.
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    Nice question from the author. The name of the medicine and its rate comes at one particular place and the pharmacists want to retain that position if we are purchasing the bit of that medicine. In my home also my father used to chide me to bring the medicines with the name readable so that in future also we can recognize and taken. But my father in law was to do that once the medicine is brought, he have one small medicine box with racks and shall put the medicine in it with a name in Tamil and its use. However such kind of thoughts wont come to every one and we have to take chances while taking medicines without name behind it.
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    Yeah right ! I've noticed that too.
    I don't really know the reason. Sometimes I get lucky and find a name for my pills but most of the times I'm being medicated in obscurity.
    Maybe because some of those pills are mere "placebo" and having their name will make you research about them and then when you realize its true identity the medicine no longer works.

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    Maybe you compare the price of the product from another shop if you know the name. The same medicine will be manufactured by another company also but the name will be different. Only people who know the active ingredient in the medicine may accept it. So if the name is not visible the purchaser will think that it is the same medicine and hence they accept it. This may be another reason for cutting like this.
    But when you purchase a strip definitely you will know the name of the product, ingredients and the company name. So it is always advisable to go for a strip instead of purchasing one or two tablets. Otherwise, before he cuts the tablet we can ask him to show the strip and confirm the name.
    Generally, the pharmacist will know the consequences and hence he will never take a risk and put the customers at risk.

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