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    Why we should not give up on tradition

    Marriages are occasions where a lot of happiness, is there for all to see. Marriages are also occasions where the traditional beliefs and practices need to be followed, rather religiously.

    Yet, there are occasions when the bride or bridegroom, these days, demand that marriages should not take up according to the age old customs. This has its own limits.

    Years ago, there used to be this Janavasam, in some communities, like the Tamil Brahmins, where the bridegroom is made to sit in a beautifully decorated chariot, and then paraded to a nearby temple for certain rituals at that temple. And then he would be back in the same chariot. This custom is now being given a decent break, and this is very much rightly so. The wasteful expenditure can be avoided and the boy can also feel free, in an informal atmosphere.

    But refusing to say the mantras, or not cooperating in terms of the traditional practices is not justified. Each of the mantras has a huge meaning, and have been put in place, only because of the fact that traditions have to be followed. In fact, even foreigners are attracted by such rich traditions and are even asking about the various mantras.

    Similarly, in the eighth or ninth month of pregnancy, the girl, in many communities in Tamil Nadu, and most of South India, is obliged to go through what is called the "seemandam" or the bangle function, when the girl is decorated with a huge variety of glass bangles. This is being done, as the sweet sounds of these bangles will help the child in the womb to be happy and be receptive to the sounds. It has been proved scientifically that this is a sound practice.

    However, some girls bluntly refuse to even go through this function. They do not allow the elders to place the glass bangles and, even if this is done, get them removed the very next day.

    A whole lot of traditional practices need to be followed, very strictly. The family as a unit has survived in India, for several generations, and if we do not follow our own traditions, who else will?

    Traditions of each community have a great meaning. Let us not be taken away by the so-called modern or "liberal" thoughts, that can ruin our culture, like never before.
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    The traditions and cultures are being bestowed to us by our grand parents and we are duty bound to carry on the same and we have no right or the freedom to distort the tradition. Nice mention has been given by the author recording Seemantham ritual being done with lots of bangles adorning the mother to be and one more reason for wearing such bangles is that if any comes near her the sound will alerts others and that includes the husband too ? One thing is sure, when the elders have said something or followed the traditions, there must be sound meaning for that and we the young ones should not question them but to simply follow without any doubts.
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Whatever progress the human civilization may achieve, we will never be delinking with our culture, tradition and heritage. The reasons for this are manifold.

    The first thing is that a human being finds solace in his religion and customs whatever it may be. It anchors him with his life movements in a disciplined and orderly way. That is one reason why our elders pursuing Yoga, Pranayam and ayurvedic lifestyle are better placed in terms of peace and calmness in their life. The question comes that is it necessary to pursue these things for a peaceful life. The answer is very simple that these things are universal and almost equal to gym exercises, morning walk, avoiding junk foods etc and objective will be met. So the point is somehow to have a good and healthy lifestyle.

    The second thing which is a bit aberrated form of this is that in any society those who do not abide by that particular culture, religion and beliefs are not socially accepted and in fact seen with doubts and are stamped as an atheist. So some people under this pressure adopt these things may be superficially.

    So coming to culture and traditions - it is there and remain there in its entirety or deformed form depending upon the direction of development of human civilization on earth.

    Knowledge is power.

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    The time changes & so the traditions too.

    More or less we are attracted to the western culture as because of some reasons that we find ourselves unidentified with our own culture. It's a whole new world that we are waking up to.

    Inter caste & Inter Religion marriages were not so many as these are evident in the mean time & around us. Along with this we are also facilitated by court marriages. The technologies as well as the boundary less considering or reasoning about something has contributed a lot that we are no more abided by any specific rules or any custom.

    One another thing is that the upcoming generations don't believe or less concern in the religion because of decreasing sentiments & increasing foul plays.

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    Tradition is something that is being followed by our Great-grandparents our grandparents and also by our parents. It's being followed by many generations and right from our birth we are taught about these traditions how were they formed and how to follow them. Traditions are deeply engraved in our minds from birth and since then we are following them just to pay respect to our parents and our dignity.

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