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Consolation prize-winning entry for the 'Place the words, write a story' contest.
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    What a journey into the time machine

    "Happy journey," said my son when I was ready to go into the time machine made by my son Aliasgar. My son Aliasgar has been working on making the time machine for last five years as his dream project. Now the time machine was ready for experiment and I was ready to go into the future. I wore the special clothes made by him and stood on the time machine. My son warned me to come back within 5 hours and gave me a remote for coming back into present time.

    Aliasgar pressed a button of remote he had and suddenly every one of my family disappeared from my eyes. I found myself in a totally new and unknown place. The place was very silent and I found a lake but there was no water in the lake. I concluded there was a beautiful lake at that place but due to some reasons, the lake has been dried. Suddenly I found a man coming to me from a big building named Hussain Villa. I asked him for the date and year. He told me that we are in the 26 October 2050. I felt hungry and asked the man for a glass of water. The man looked at me and told me to walk with him. We reached in a painting exhibition where I found some special paintings.

    In the first painting, I found a tap and blood is flowing from the tap. I asked the man about the painting. He told me that there is no water on the earth and people are fighting for a single drop of water.

    In the second painting, I found a picture of a glass of water and wreath is placed around it.

    I asked the man what happened. Once there was plenty of water on earth. The man told that our ancestors did not understand the importance of water and used it unwisely. We are fighting for water and our ancestors are responsible for the murder of these innocent people.

    Suddenly I found that four hours and thirty minutes have been passed. I took the remote and switched the button as guided by my son Aliasgar. Within the second I was in the present age and found my family near me. My son Murtaza was crying for me and Aliasgar was trying to prevent him from crying. I was thirsty and my wife gave me a glass of water. I drank it and felt relax.

    My family members were eagerly waiting for my reply what I have seen in the time machine. I told them about my journey. We all took the pledge to save and conserve the water for future generation. My both sons made a club and included almost 50 persons of the town to aware the people for the conservation of water. For the efforts of my family members to conserve water, I can only say, thanks.

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    Nice story taking us with the time machine and connecting the content with the word topic, the author has brought in best efforts with good write up . Best wishes.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Thanks, Mr. K Mohan for your response , appreciation and best wishes.
    Honesty is the best policy.

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    The author has made a good attempt at bringing out the importance of water conservation. The prediction of the author may become real if the people don't understand the necessity of water saving and trying to help the future generations. Already we started purchasing drinking water. But a day should not come people have to forget about bathing and cleaning.
    A very well written story and I wish all the best to the author.

    always confident

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