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    Let us stop being fussy for silly issues

    Around ten years ago, a Tamil Brahmin wedding went on so well, and all the guests assembled the young couple and there was happiness all around.

    And then came the big thing. The lunch. The lunch was served in the traditional way, on banana leaves, and everything went on well.

    Just then, even while she was having her lunch, the sister of the bridegroom stood up on her seat, and demanded that there should be a laddu of a far better quality that should be served. Yes, the laddu was okay, could have been better, but the occasion and the manner in which the girl created such a big fuss, left a very bad taste in the mouth. The relatives on either side tried their best to intervene and do something. In fact, the parents of the boy did all that was possible to cool down their daughter.

    We should never be fussy about small issues relating to food, late trains, and even bad days when the weather could have disturbed our routine.

    Life is full of uncertain things and we are victims of some circumstance or the other. We all have weaknesses as well as strengths. We should not focus on our weaknesses at all and be humble.

    If we concentrate on our strengths, we would not focus on silly issues for being fussy.

    We should just move on, and do all that we do to lead normal lives.
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    It's a good thinking to ignore the petty things around us & instead continue with the most important one so as to make our presence desirable for others. But we do having incidences from different ceremonies that we do find something to criticize which often not required. But its how we have grown-up & what our friends are or the atmosphere we are accommodating with.

    Everything adds to our behavior & once the behavior is set up, we act & think accordingly. So it's all the way up to us to decide about what we want to be & how we should be grownup. So instead of justifying ourselves make an effort to choose the best possible way & keep on updated with the things around us & go ahead. Making a choice is a business of ours & not of others & this in direct way will lead us to somewhere or nowhere.

    It's up to us to decide.

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    Some people are bent upon creating issues at the functions and marriages so that the event should be long remembered. In one of the Yadav's family wedding, when every thing was going on smooth. the last boy of the groom who was playing with his friends and not even attended the wedding, appeared in the dining hall and started abusing everyone on this side and that side as to how can they forget one of the important family member of he groom family. When everyone offered sorry and sought pardon, the boy wont relent. Then appeared his close friend who saw the entire proceeding and felt that there would be bigger face off if the boy was continued with his foul mouth. Immediately he pacified the boy that special meals with special menu for the grooms are served at their staying place only and the food is ready to be taken. That made the boy to cool and he went away.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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