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    Do people sometimes maintain double standards?

    For the people who are working in different companies, they always look for a better company with a better salary. They switch the jobs if the other company offers them higher pay and perks without thinking about the commitment to the existing company. They also enjoy at least one holiday in a week and in many companies, there are two holidays in a week. They get the leaves without any salary cut. They also set their salary expectations as per the company they are planning to join. If it is a big company they know they can pay well hence they set higher expectations while for the smaller companies they lower their expectations since they know that they cannot pay that much.

    But when the same people employ maids and cooks in the home their criteria suddenly changes. Some of them expect them not to be absent even once a month and at times also try to cut their salary for being absent or for taking leave. They hate giving them leaves. When a cook or a maid leaves them when they get a better pay in some other houses, these same people crib and say that he or she is greedy and has no commitment. When they demand more salary from high-end houses we again curse them of being opportunistic.

    Sometimes I think that they are doing the same what we do in our career and it is just that we are into white collar jobs so everything seems valid. But maids and cooks being poor and among the weaker section of the society are not expected to do so.

    So is it some sort of double standards that some of the people follow? What is your view on this? Or do you think these two are separate things and should not be mixed?
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    It's a classic employer vs employee pain.
    Employer wants to get the most job done in lesser time and lesser expense.
    Employee wants to slack off to his fill and get paid more. Or have privileges.
    For ages, since industrial revolution, companies are trying to meet both employer and employee needs. But, alas! This problem is too tough to solve.

    What you might call hypocrisy or double standards turns out to be a fair desire if you assume any one position. But you can improve the efficiency of employees by applying humanity more in work.
    Perks like: holidays, bonus, timings, party, etc given by firms to employees are all a sinister plan of theirs. This humanity of them is a bait. If you take the bait you will end up exhausting yourself working and your employer becomes the winner.
    I understand your wish to give your maid a little freedom and privilege.
    And like any good employer and a human, you are willing to assign some humanity to your employee ( housemaid here). I don't see any difference between the corporate and the household. For me nothing different is going on here.
    The same tussle between the employer and the employee continues.

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    Yes. Many people have such double standards and today society is full of such examples which author has also narrated in his thread.

    It is really an unfortunate state of affair that we do not take things logically and rationally. We are so selfish that we become blind when it comes to giving due right of a person working or living under our control. In fact we become so cruel that we even forget the basic humanity.

    There are people who are so lazy and also escape from work that they can not think of even a one day without a general servant or a maid servant. They are so fearful of doing a work their selves that they will hire a back up servant to avoid that situation. What can we expect from such people.

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    It is a true example of double standards. There is a saying in Telugu that we come to your house what will you offer. When you come to our house what will you bring. This is what the mentality of human beings in majority. When we are working we will expect very good returns with all facilities and comforts. But when we employ somebody we want everything to be done by them without expecting anything from us. This is what we call as double standard. This attitude clearly shows the selfish attitude of human beings. As we have some education we expect all better things whereas the other people depend more on their physical work we expect them to maintain a low profile. How far it is correct? One should think themselves and behave accordingly. As told by Dr. Abdul Kalam, we have to like our job but not the company. This rule is not known to these poor people who never can understand the difference in the mentalities of the people with whom they are wprking.
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    We maintain not just double standards, but many different standards.
    For the same matter our action or reaction can be different when the related persons are different.
    Sometimes this different standards springs from protecting someone or something. Sometimes it is pure selfishness. In some cases it will be to show the different status.

    n just one example we can see all different types of our standard. Suppose a glass falls down from hand and gets cracked to pieces.
    Just see from your own house what will be the reaction and response if the glass has fallen from your hand, your spouse's hand, you old parents' hand, your elder child's hand or youngest child's hand.
    We have one set of rules for ourselves and other set(s) for others.
    But gradually when the mind becomes broad either by natural maturing or by willing cultivation and training, we slowly cease to be showing double standard. It is only then we ca call ourselves truly broadminded and mature.

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    We need to think from some different perspective.

    Each one of us including ourselves, the company we are working for & the maid or the home servant to whom we have given the employment to are all adhered to their interest only. We need to look at these on an independent aspect so as to understand this in the most cleared way.

    In a different approach these are all on a different level of professionalism & there is a need & interest associated within themselves. That the company made an hiring on certain terms & conditions & till the time these terms & conditions are met among them the relation would be good but when either of the side believes otherwise then the whole chapter would take a different way. The same is the case with ourselves & the home servant. Each one of us are bonded either through mutual consent or through on paper.

    So instead I would refer this mentality as professionalism & not "Double Standard" as this gives an impression of a more negativity & formulate the overall personality in a different perspective.

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