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    What do we do with the time saved

    Today we have avoided a lot of manual work. We have got aids and appliances for anything and everything. Spread of internet and online facilities has made us to do almost everything just by sitting on our chair or lying on our bed.

    Earlier to remit our electricity bill, water bill, school fees, banking, railway or air or bus ticket booking etc. etc -all we have to physically move away from our place and wait in queue. Many times these used to take our half day or even a full day.

    But with online facilities, we have started saving a lot of time. If we calculate they run into hundreds of man days technically.

    My doubt is how we use the time saved from all these?
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    We are in kedarnath. But the helicopter is not running because of snow fall. So we were forced to stay in the rooms. What to do I don't know. It is not saved. But it is time not utilised. So just on my smartphone I am trying to write something. In the same whenever we have completed the work early and find some spare time we can try to work on ISC or any other work. These days I am spending more time with my grand daughter. It is very nice to spend time with kids.
    The time whatever we are saving by doing all online works, can be used for seeing other sites on internet. More answers can be given to questions on ISC. It will give us some points and cc also.

    always confident

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    I don't know about how the time left for few as I already have much things to do & if not completed then the same would be added to the list of tomorrow.

    I agree with the author that the technologies have facilitated us to do more in the less time but this is important to be aware of the fact that many more things have come up in the duration. For a businessman or for a job worker, the days are getting tougher that instead of unlimited possibilities, there are unlimited competition too. With this we have more to learn & to execute more at the same time.

    And all these still keeps us busy in the time left that the coming times will be evident of more such things happening in the future as well..

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    Time is a very peculiar entity. Some people crave for it while some have it plenty. It is a most amazing dimension in the nature and the most strange thing about it is that it flows in one direction only.

    Now depending upon an individual the availability of time is there. Some people do activities in a slow pace and have many hobbies to pursue. They never feel bored and do not have spare time. On the contrary, there are people who do not have hobbies and also avoid the routine work whether in manual mode or online. They suffer from great boredom and ask others how they pass their time.

    Knowledge is power.

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    I have some time thought in this way. Nowadays everything automized and we call it via cell phone or to caller id phone, the privacy is also defeated as there is no public telephone booth available and so even for an unknown caller or to someone we just wanted to convey the message but not to reveal our numbers is not possible.

    I agree with the author, after doing everything online, people are really wasting time in WhatsApp, FB, and other social chat. I feel some difference in train ticket booking via online and on the counter. My travel is almost within a short duration and hence the status via online will be less probability while when I go to counter and book I could get a better position. When I enquired about the same, they told there is a pool to get automatically if we give our age and also gender (being above 50 and woman and a single seat) within a short duration of booking. This I have personally experienced many times and hence I will surely go to counter and book if I don't see a good position via online.

    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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    Yes now a days most of the bills are paid on line and we seldom go out of the home and pay the utility bills. But I did came across a interesting ad on the television which shows that for the everything the old man asks , his son pays it online and thus elder person is irked as he is not allowed to go out for reason or other. However old person again sets out to leave the house and this time the son asks what to be paid, for that, the old man replies that hair cutting cannot be performed online and he has to go for the trimming of the hair. So time is certainly saved but not every time the time is saved.
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    Yes, the time is positively saved, but I have noticed that most professionals, more so in the IT sector, who hardly find any time, spend one hour on weekends -- mostly on Sundays -- to pay all the bills.

    In cities like Chennai, where a variety of home cooked food is now available online, all that the wife needs to do is to cook some rice with the help of the pressure cooker, which itself does not take time. The time is usefully spent on homework of children, even encouraging them on their special talents like singing, visiting the temple in the evening and so on. The home cook food is served to so many customers and the taste is similar to what the lady would have made, had she cooked. This is particularly true of vegetarian food.

    So, time is positively saved through use of advanced technology. Through the unreserved ticket booking app, one gets to book tickets on local express trains ( for travel up to one hundred kilometers) and one can happily hop into the train, when hundreds slog it out to purchase their tickets from counters.

    Likewise, even getting servant maids, electricians, plumbers, carpenters and a host of other service people, is so easy. In fact, there are dry cleaning professionals, who do the washing, drying and the ironing of clothes and do the door delivery as well. This saves huge time for the couple who are employed and get very good salaries. They do not mind spending that little extra for all their needs. Ticket booking for a movie, in one of the malls, at Rs.150 per ticket, is no big deal. So is the use of the car, as the distance traveled is very less.

    Modern gadgets with IT enabled services are a boon to the modern professionals.

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