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    It is really very rare, for state election, PM candidature is announced.

    While on a serious election campaign in Karnataka, both Congress and BJP are very much keen in winning and hence there are many heated speeches on either side.

    While there are many faux pas and low in declaring speeches, the most highlight is from Congress when its leader Rahul Gandhi said about the PM's candidature if Congress won in a majority in Karnataka State. This is the first time he is talking about PM's candidature and also which is very rare in state election too.

    This is clearly seen that there is no candidate could be highlighted in the state from both the parties and hence both are showing either PM's face or PM's candidature's face.
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    After seeing surging crowds in every meeting of BJP , the Congress has been feeling the defeat and thus making mistakes while they speak. And one more reason for Siddharamaiah getting tensed because, in a interview with the national channel, BJP CM candidate Yedurappa has gone on record and said that every action of Siddharamiah government would be probed and we know Congress is known for corruption. So dejected Congress has already conceding its defeat by loose talks. Even if Sonia who is initiating campaign cannot bring glory to party as many corruption charges would come into forth soon.
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    In Bengaluru at a gathering of prominent citizens, Rahul Gandhi was asked whether he could become the Prime Minister. Rahul Gandhi replied that it all depends on how well the Congress party fares in the coming parliamentary elections. If Congress party emerges as the single largest party, he is ready to become the Prime Minister. Nothing wrong with responding if such a question was asked in a gathering. Mr. Modi would have responded in the same manner if asked such a question.
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    This is what expected from a supporter. But at the same time, every media says, it is the first time RG is talking about PM's candidature. So even in State election, the fight between Modi and RG and not with the State CM's candidature.
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    We all depend upon news channels for political news. Whatever we present here should not be a deviation and it should be as it happened. The content mentions that " Rahul Gandhi said about the PM's candidature if Congress won in a majority in Karnataka State. This is the first time he is talking about PM's candidature and also which is very rare in state election too."
    Rahul Gandhi did not say that he will be the Prime Ministerial candidate if the Congress party wins in Karnataka. He said that he is ready to take the responsibility of Prime Ministership if Congress emerges as the single largest party in the forthcoming general elections of 2019.
    This is not the first time that Rahul Gandhi talked about his readiness to become the Prime Minister. In September 2017, Rahul Gandhi while speaking at a student meeting of the University of California, Berkeley in the USA, said that he is ready to be the Prime Ministerial candidate for the Congress party in 2019.
    The above facts may be noted and corrected before coming to any conclusion and making unnecessary comments. Concentrate on the content but not on the members responding.

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    Thank you for the additional information and it is true it is as per media's verdict.
    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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    Well, He is a national entertainer. This is not the first time we have heard such immaturity talk from Rahul Gandhi. It shows his less knowledge about Indian politics. Even a 5th standard kid knows that how a PM candidate could be selected. Above all, this is the first time ever happened that someone has said about himself/herself that he will become PM. No matter how much with discipline one will keep his words on this matter but one thing has been revealed that he has no knowledge about General Knowledge and Indian Politics. A leader from a top political party when he say that he does not know about NCC working style, what more one will expect from him. If we go for the news, the samajvadi party, NCP and Mr. Naidu has rejected about making RG as PM.

    If such poor knowledgeable person become the PM of India, God only can save this country.

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    Most probably, he has confused election of the Prime Minister of India with his automatic selection as Congress President.
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    If a party key leader or party chief is posed a question, would you become the PM?, the answer would be/should be yes. If the reply is anything else, then we would replying in forums that Rahul Gandhi, the Congress party chief himslef is not clear or confident about his own party putting him as the PM if they win a majority.

    People would have different views or even make sarcastic comments because of his age, presence of senior and veteran leaders in Congress party and the tag that Congress plays dynasty politics. Even, Mr.Ahmed Patel, a senior congress leader has supported this by stating that yes, Rahul Gandhi is our PM candidate for 2019.

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    It is very peculiar. Why a party should talk about PM candidate for state elections. It reminds me the behaviour of Jagan at Vizag airport. When he was stopped in the airport of Visakhapatnam by police, he told them that they are misbehaving with the would be CM of the State. He said that he will see their end once he becomes the CM. It is nothing but the immaturity of the person.
    Whether he declares or not even any kid in the country can say that Rahul will be the PM if Congress gets the majority in Parliament elections. The journalists also will play like this to see the reaction of the person for the tricky questions. Here the journalists played the fowl. They might have asked him who will be the CM if their party gets the majority.

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