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    What is the ground reality in Karnataka?

    With elections round the corner, in Karnataka, the BJP is pulling all stops, with the great Prime Minister, as usual, blasting the Congress, as if there is no tomorrow.

    One really does not know the record of the Congress Government, as there has not been a big mention of corruption. Certain improvements have happened, but these are relatively unknown to other parts of the country.

    Members may please give us the actual position. What has the Congress Government done, or not done, in terms of actual results? Has there been some significant success that has gone unreported?

    What is the popularity of the great Deva Gowda and his most corrupted son? How is that they go around claiming to become king makers, when they have such a horrible record in corruption?

    Those who live in Karnataka, who know the inside stories, may please respond. This election is likely to throw up some trends and that will be interesting to see.
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    The fact is that all the major parties fighting out the elections in Karnataka are having corruption charges against them and it matters as to who is most corrupt. And when comes to development plank, no party is claiming the definite projects they have done so far and of course BJP has been listing out spending from Delhi for the state of Karnataka. If the Congress has really spent during these five years, they have to win. But as BJP said, on every project there seems to be 10 percent commission rider and even the Kumaraswamy government was accused of corruption then. Nevertheless voters in Karnataka have the compulsion to elect one of the popular party among the three names BJP , Congress and JDS. While BJP heavily banking on the blessings of PM and his oratory skills, Congress really at the mess as Rahul is not that fast competing with BJP and JDS is far behind.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    The ground realities in Karnataka are the same or similar as in other parts of the country. Today the public is divided into poll groups favouring one party or other depending on the favours they are getting for a job to their children or certain business licences.

    So in such a situation, it is naturally difficult to predict the consequences we are going to see in this poll. The good work done by earlier Govt is masked by the rampant corruption. Even in BJP the top leadership is being praised not only in our country but globally still the efficacy of working of lower ranks is not known whether it is really in line with the high command.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Ground realities are different in different parts of the state. The scenario of coastal Karnataka is not similar to the scenario existing in central Karnataka. But, most of the people are determined to throw away the Mr. 10% Chief Minister. Whether BJP and JD(S) form a coalition, or not, is required to be seen.
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    The ground reality in Karnataka is that every party is worried. No one is sure that they will come back or stay in power. Each of the major parties had good bankable leaders, unfortunately a good number have changed sides and got tickets. There are at least 7 JD(S) MLAs who have switched and got tickets in Congress. In some places, the voters are confused and angered. For instance in Arkere, the JD(S) MLA has switched to Congress and vice versa. So people who like a party and or a leader are left confused what to do.

    There are again at least 5 father-daughter/son duos who have got tickets. BJP sadly lost it's sitting MLA due to a heart attack (Mr.BN Vijaykumar, Jayanagar).

    Apart from this there would be intense backdoor negotiations that would become crucial for the final stake after the results are announced. All the three big players have made numerous circuits, roped in the national leaders, done rounds of temples and Mutts. There are many pre-poll analysis of dubious value state each as a potential winner.

    So, the ground reality is, it would difficult for the key leaders to hold on to their seats or win, even if they win it would by thin margins. Many members of the public wouldn't be surprised if their is a coalition government. Here, the BJP stands a chance with it's previous track record.

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    In terms of corruption, no one having the clear image with an addition that anything seems to be possible as an outcome.

    As the case used to be that everyone agreed to fight on the very basis of development but as the count down of voting day starts everything matters. Then we saw the politics of the cheapest level & that the basis now shifted to caste & community as well as to the religion too. The Congress party which is in power in the state has created one more division in our country namely, the Lingayat community which forms the major part of the population. Easy to believe that these all are just a strategy to get more votes & should be nothing else. The Congress is again showing that their leadership in no doubt are Hindus from birth & slightly deviating from the minority issues.

    The BJP has come up with the concern of killing of its members & that no actions have been taken yet by the state government & with the involvement of UP CM Mr. Yogi, the party is trying to attract more votes to their side.

    Within all these, the other regional parties seems to be nowhere.

    In no doubt that winning would be the important to any of the side but more or less the Congress party has to lose more in comparison to the BJP.

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    With only three days left for the Karnataka Assembly elections, a major revelation has been reported from Bengaluru. Nearly 10,000 voter identity cards were recovered from an apartment on yesterday night. Election Commission has ordered an inquiry into the discovery of the voter ID cards.

    The apartment from where the voter ID cards were recovered belongs to a Congress lawmaker. BJP has demanded cancellation of the election of RR Nagar (where the apartment is located).

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    Many people are much against the ruling congress. At the same time BJP or JD are also not in much command. Mainly the voters are not very happy with a single party. After elections JD may play a very important role. This party may be in command either with Congress or BJP.
    No single party will get the majority. JD will be third in the row. The other two will be asking for the support of this third party.

    always confident

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    This is one state election where the two major opposing parties have sufficient funds to spend. One is the state ruling party and the other ruling party at centre. So both have no dearth of funds. The only difference is that for Congress the state machinery has the domination on High command.For BJP, Yediyurappa has to work hard to make a win or an honourable defeat. For him it is a do or die proposition. If BJP does not do well in this election in Karnataka,the biggest loser will be Yediyurappa.

    The electorate is well aware of the relevance of this election to the parties concerned. So they will play their cards very close to their chest.Their decision will be influenced both by regionalism and Nationalism. The last minute trick by Siddaramayya by giving Lingayats a separate status will definitely have a some influence. However that will also result in alienating a good percentage of loyal Congress votes going against it. A good part of votes lost by BJP bythe Lingayat factor will be thus recouped and compensated.
    My gauging is that Congress will not be able to get same number of seats as earlier.

    Consequently the factor deciding will be whether people prefer same party ruling state and centre or want status quo.

    However those who want regional party will go for JDS. Hence I feel that in many constituencies, JDS will get surprise wins. In the situation of both BJP and Congress not getting absolute majority by themselves, JDS-BJP will form a government.

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    The recent poll survey from a National television channel has given thumps up for Congress with BJP at second position and JDS at the third. As per the predictions if BJP and JDS align together, then they can form the government. But in that case who will be the CM as both Kumara Swamy and Yedyurappa has been readying since long to become CM of Karnataka. Nevertheless these are just predictions and that may even go wrong. But certainly the election in Karnataka has created lots of heat as the whole country is focusing over what is happening there and we have to wait till 15th May.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    There are two options in Karnataka
    I love chocolates and ice creams!

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    #635800@ Mr.Partha, what is worrying is on a random check, these cards close to 10,000 were found to be genuine and looks like it was collect to influence/bribe the voters. Even more worrying in the declaration by the EC of the seizure of money,liquor and drugs that stands at around Rs 152 crores, the highest in the country.

    It is scary, all the heavy weights are campaigning as if they themselves are contesting for the seat. Allegations and counter allegations are flying around. Mr.Amit Shah has said that the Congress CM would lose form both his seats that he is contesting and that BJP is confident of wining more than 130 seats,

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    From the beginning of this battle, Congress had upperhand in media and in media surveys. The survey polls also clearly saying Mr.Siddarammaiaha had very good popularity among people as CM. The only thing is BJP fans expecting a good turn out on their way because of anti-incumbency. But surveys showing Congress government has not got that much anti-incumbency in people's mind. Actually BJP got negative feeling in South Indian people that they are showing step motherly attitude towards Southern States. This will severly affect the voting for BJP in this election. Another factor is Mr.
    Modi's wave is not at all there as i n 2014 in India and that too especially in South India. In my opinion Congress party ultimately is the winner.

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    The Congress candidate from Bengaluru's Rajarajeshwari Nagar constituency, N Munirathna Naidu, was booked yesterday in connection with the recovery of nearly 10,000 voter IDs from a flat in the constituency.

    However, the Election Commission has defered its decsion on the case, even as it sought fresh information from the state election machinery.

    (It is not a fake news.)

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    As I mentioned earlier (# 635792), the exit polls are hinting at a coalition government in Karnataka with JD(S) predicted to have 24-26 seats being the key.

    But the reality after the elections is that from the statements, BJP leaders are upbeat and confident, JD(S) is for wait and watch, Congress positive and relax on the weekend.

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    BJP President Amit Shah is saying Siddaramaiya is 'Seedha rupaiyya'! Implying that he is Mr. 10%!
    And further asking why is wearing Rs 40 Lacs wrist watch always!!

    JDS Chief Mr Kumarasami left for Singapore.Hence, Mr. Dev Gowda become the King maker

    Karnataka politics is going to be murkier, murkier and murkier…

    I love chocolates and ice creams!

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