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    Why is the rainfall much lesser year after year?

    There are droughts every year, in some State or the other. People are seen travelling huge distances to fetch water.

    The most important problem is the rain that is less year after year. On the one hand, Bihar is affected by floods every year. and Assam is affected too. But a rain-infested State like Kerala, is suffering from inadequate rains in some areas, and it is really a big worry.

    What are the reasons? Is is because of global warming? Is it because we have cut down forests, and a huge amount of trees? Do trees make a difference at all? If we go on planting trees, can we have more rain?

    Each of the aforesaid questions can only be explained by experts.

    Members, who are professionals, who know everything about the environment and the rain patterns, may please answer and enlighten each of the members.
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    For the past few years, especially this year , the climate is playing havoc and in my life I have not seen three season on a single day. People are getting trapped for the strange behavior of the climate and even birds are failing to understand the sudden changes. Nevertheless human being has become so selfish that he was forced to act to protect him and in that process wont care the nature to maintain the eco balance and thus we are facing the extremes of nature. Only yesterday I have seen a video where in house holds are fetching pots of water in dark nights some where in North India and that is pathetic as there are no street lights too.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    The climate change and global warming is a big subject and requires scientific analysis and historical data.

    This question can possibly be answered by our expert in 'Ask experts' section.

    I will request the concerned editors to shift this to that section.

    Knowledge is power.

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