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    Why are perceptions about fashion so different in India?

    Though I basically hail from Tamil Nadu, I have lived in different parts of India.

    At Ahmedabad, where I was employed, at the very famous IIM, as a member of the Research Team. I had a number of women colleagues and each of them would wear the sleeveless blouses with saris, almost every day. No one would even bat eyelid, and it was seen as a very normal dress. In my earlier stint at New Delhi, in another organization, I did notice most ladies wearing the same blouse. My own cousins based in North India, would wear that dress almost every day.

    However, when I went to a marriage some four years later, to Kochi, I saw a very young girl, along with her husband, wearing the same dress. Unfortunately, she was the center of all attention and, many ladies were openly seen making some comments about her. This happened with both women from Kerala and Karnataka.

    Why should this happen? I have lived in Mumbai, where there are Western fashions, and no one does not make any comment, even if they the girls in the most modern outfits. But obviously, such fashions are not that common in certain other parts of India.

    Fashions are hugely driven by individual desires. If a girl or a woman wants to dress in a particular way, she should be able to wear that come what may. Others have no business to comment on that.

    I personally feel that through some education about fashions in different places, a lot more understanding about fashions should emerge, in this age of globalization.
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    Wearing a Sleeveless blouse is the pure selection and prerogative of any lady or women and there should not be any comment from others. And more over the dress are worn as per their comfort zone and one should not poke nose or comment. But it is the fact that when the dress worn is different from others especially during the celebrations and functions the ladies would be closely watching others about the dress sense and thus comment. Nevertheless, some dress suits some and some may not suit with all dress. So that care must be taken because one should not become a laughing stock for bad selection of dress.
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    Fashion is definitely a personal choice. There are many fashionable dresses available in the market and people are purchasing them and wearing them on special occasions. Some people who are too conscious are wearing fashionable dresses even in day to day life.

    So the contention of the author is very correct that people should not comment on the dresses or fashions people are adopting.

    Till this point story is flawless and everything seems to be in place. Now the problem is that India is a big country and is an amalgamation of metros, big cities, cities, towns, small towns, big villages, small villages etc. The dress which may be ignored or not seen with interest in some advanced places will be seen with too much interest and awe in other places. The person will become cynosure in the eyes of public and every one will be focussing their eyes on such modern outfits. The problem deepens when more body areas are exposed some times in ugly ways.

    So whether we should bother for these aspects or not that is the crucial thing in this matter.

    Knowledge is power.

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    In India, we can find different kinds of persons having different tastes & habits in one place & still doesn't look odd but still we all agree with the exceptions too.

    The better way to deal with all these is to mind your own business & leave the rest. Few got the mouth & so it's up to them to decide about how to use it.

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