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    Happy to look at the 'Reflection of my mind'

    Not in a mood to do any work related to office or my hobby (browsing ISC and related work), I was sitting idle in my room today, thinking something. Suddenly a thought struck to my mind and wanted to have a glance look at my articles in ISC. Only 86 articles are at my credit so far and my focus was mostly on Biographical stories, personality development and visiting spots which could be around 70. Rest related to Admissions and not interested to post the articles related to admissions as I am not particular about Ad Sense revenue.

    I started opening each article and save it in word document with completed details of publication in ISC and related comments posted by members. Then gave a print command and book containing 142 pages was ready. Then I gave a cover page with title - 'Reflection of my mind' (A collection of my articles published in ISC) and asked my Assistant to get it spiral binded. Now the book was looking nice and my happiness knew no bounds to see a book titled 'Reflection of my mind' giving me an opportunity to project myself as an author. Mr.Mohan's recent thread about autobiography, then came to my mind.

    What can I say? No words, except to thank ISC for providing such a good platform to express ourselves.
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    Nice @Jagdish. It will be a happy moment for people like us who are really wanted to do some writing rather than earning and especially adsense revenue. Even I have done it some months before when I was not really active in ISC and hence a thought came,( may not be turned into ISC in the future and) hence I had done a soft copy of pdf files of all my contribution that is articles and all my stories I have written for contests and a covering of all three badges of mine (which is precious to me) as a cover page and titled it as 'ISC-My virtual Home'. So my e-book is ready to share it among my near and dears and I do not know how many of them read it but I have marked especially to each one of them if something pertaining to them which I have used it as my experience in ISC.
    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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    Good that you have compiled your articles. I have to follow you in this regard.
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    Glad that the author has taken cue from from earlier post on having a biography of our own achievements in this site. Because every drop of water counts in the ocean like wise ever contribution made in this site also grows into such magnificent position in future, surely we and others would be astonished to know and cherish the moment. By doing this small exercise, surely the author would have got immense satisfaction as to the fact that he has not wasted any time with this site, and the book thus made would reveal the time allotted to this site and also the fruitful out come thereof. Now that the write ups are made in to a book, it can be shown to the family members, visitors, friends and others and they would also know the talent potential of the author and that would give further impetus to be more vigorous and sustaining in this site. My best wishes.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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