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    What makes Mumbai so special?

    I have lived in Mumbai for a short while. However, all through my stay at that lovely city, all that I saw was very hardworking men and women, who slog at least eighteen hours, sometimes seven days a week, to make success in their careers.

    There is an air of optimism, there is always that extra bit of effort, and there is time, even if they travel 150 kilometers, either way. The people out there are the most modern, they are most broad minded, and give huge respect to women. The women themselves stick to some traditions like wearing the green color glass bangles. The women are modern, and most of them do work in some place or the other. In spite of the huge crowd, or floods, life moves on.

    What is so special about the people of Mumbai? Those who have migrated from anywhere in South India, are so much wedded to Mumbai. Mention their native place, and they get so angry. They always talk about Mumbai. They do not relax, even in their native places.

    In particular, they go after space saving furniture, space saving kitchen arrangements and so on. Does this quality, of striving for more with less, make all the difference?

    In spite of corruption, Mumbai is no where New Delhi, where there are fashions, but corruption that is unmatched in terms of depth and sheer volumes. The maximum trading on stock exchange takes place only in Mumbai. Does this have a role?

    Members may please do respond, based on personal experiences. We should learn from the great citizens of Mumbai, who also contribute huge taxes.
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    Interesting thread!
    I love chocolates and ice creams!

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    As far as myself is concerned, I was in Mumbai for some time & in Panvel for almost two years. I visited this place for the first time for an interview in Santa Cruz.

    The overall experience was found to be good as the people here are very helpful in nature. No matter how big the movement around you but still you don't feel afraid of anything. The experience of local trains that in a span of only of few seconds that crowd boarded onto the train but at the same time many more get down for their station.

    Its really amazing when we are still young but as we grow older then its good keep after some different place because in Mumbai we have a fast life & not everyone would prefer to be here.

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    Well I have never gone to Mumbai. But those who were there, has told me many number of things about this great financial capital of India. Firstly, any one can live in this city. That means from billionaire to a poorest poor. There are some areas where the middle class families live with unison with no difference of opinion as all will celebrate every festival. And for every small favor done , you are paid. That means the maid servant service is more fetching there. Mumbaikars does not waste time and ready to spend money. That way many are living and getting on with livelihood and wont leave the place.
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    I had to opportunity to be in Mumbai for a week only, I have not lived there. From what I could see, people are always on the move, we used to leave early and come late in the night formwork, there would still be people on the streets and traffic moving along.
    We spent an evening walking from the hotel to Prithviraj theatre, watched a play. The crowd in the restaurants and near the beaches seemed fun loving and full of life even late in the evenings.

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    I was in Mumbai many times and I have seen almost all parts of Mumbai. I have stayed in many hotels in Mumbai. The traffic in this metro is very disciplined. Even on the day of Ganesh Nimazzan, there will not be any disturbance to the traffic. One lane will be left for that possession and the other traffic will move normally. I witnessed this one year during my visit to Mumbai.
    The people are helpful and you will get all the varieties of food as per the choice. Transport is available to far off places also. Local trains are very crowdy and difficult for new people here. BUt cabs and buses are available and it can be managed easily with them. I enjoyed my stay there. I felt at home in Mumbai better than at Chennai and Delhi.

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