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    "Voice has music in it."

    We listen to many voices daily. Some voices are soft and beautiful and are like music to the ears. Such voices we recognize immediately and connect the voice to the person. "Ameen Sayani" is one such person with such a golden voice. The old-timers cannot forget his voice on 'Binaca Geetmaala' every Wednesday at 8.00 PM during the 1960s. It was like a music to the ears. The order of the songs was changing and the songs were changing but not his golden voice which was always the top. Similarly, there were many such voices like that of Devaki Nandan Pandey, Melville de Mellow who were news readers. Now we have the voice of Amitabh Bachchan which is rich in tone and modulation.

    A good voice is a gift for some people by birth. The others also can develop their voice by voice training. There are institutes for such training and plenty of opportunities for self-employment for the youth in the cinema and journalism fields. Those who have the opportunity, train yourself or your children to develop a beautiful voice.

    The inspiration for this thread is Late J.R.Vanamali of "Words and Voices", Mumbai. He and his institute are no more. He was a voice trainer and recipient of ' Dada Saheb Phalke Academy Award" winner for "Voice Training" in 2004. "Voice has music" were his words. How true was he?
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    Really, The voice has music in it that most of us don't know and understand it. It took time for me to understand what is music. It is the seven ways of changing the voice from low to high, and from high to low, and in between. There is a set pattern to bring melody to the tune. One who understands this becomes a musician, the others just listeners to the music.
    Just extend or shorten the words length in your voice. You hear the music.

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    In business scenarios we use the term USP which stands for "Unique Selling Proposition".

    This means that each one of us has been God gifted with something which assist in earning our livelihood. The voices are one such thing. Although few are good in singing but few are multi dimensional as also involved in other areas like acting.

    Or if we take this otherwise then if an individual become famous then his associated things too becomes famous. No one would agree that Bachchan Sir has a good voice but he whatever he sung during his life time became a hit.

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    Yes some people have their wonderful voice chord which mesmerizes every one. Who can forget the great Amin Sayani and his wonderful voice. I can remember when I was a child and used to listen to Srilankan Broadcasting corporation which used to broadcast programs on old Hindi song at at 8 pm on Wednesdays , there used to Binaca Geetmala and the compere was Aminji. His voice has so depth that even Amitabh Bachhan paid rich complement to his voice chord. Only last week he received from a television channel and though he grown old, his voice texture still remains the same.
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    This is not about singing. What I am trying to discuss is about the voice which we use to talk. The voices that sound distinct from others.
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    Ameen Sayani's way to present the songs with anecdotes made him immensely popular. Even now, we can hear his voice in various FM channels. I have heard various advertisements where the presenters copy his voice. He ran Civaca Geetmala and later Binaca Geetmala for more than 20 years, which must be a world-record.
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    I am also not talking about singing. What we speak is the music at times. A little twisting of the tongue can create do the magical music. We can create music out of our voice. Very little training to speak a language will make others to hear us interestingly.
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    Sun, it is in response to Ved Prakash Anand. He was referring to Amitabh's singing.
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    The rich arrestive voice is often a gift that few people have and their speech captivates people listening to them and it is as if the voice has music or life in it. Yes, if someone has the talent or gift to have a baritone voice or a commanding voice, then one needs to groom it.

    Some other examples would be Sean Connery and Morgan Freeman, the Hollywood actors, Raghuvaran, the Tamil actor etc. Such people lend their voices to other documentaries and actors that add a new dimension to the whole experience.

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    The voice is a real gift. Some people use their voice very nicely and as per the situation and such people will get applause from the followers. I know many people who have a very nice voice which they use it in their favour in excelling in their field. the famous Telugu Singer and Dubbing artist Upadrastha Sunita is a good example. Her voice is so sweet and she used for many other artists in Telugu movies and her voice is recognised as a special voice. Even though she is a good singer, many people admire her for her dubbing skills.
    I accept that voice is having music. Some people know when they have to use a low voice and when they have to raise and they modulate their voice accordingly.

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    A soft and good voice is like the music to the ears. It is really a great gift of nature if someone has got it.

    It is said that we can train ourselves to speak in soft and melodious voice and many people can achieve this if they are really serious about acquiring it. It may require patience and practice to reach that stage as most of us have a flat and coarse voice.

    Knowledge is power.

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