Unknown medicinal usage of Lotus flower

We think all flowers are normally meant for only Pooja or garland to VIPs. But many do not know there are some medicinal values also in them. We can see some medicinal values hidden in Lotus flower.
* Take 100 ml of cow milk add 100 ml good water. Put some red lotus petals and boil well. After downing from oven get the vapour coming out from the boiled milk so as to touch the eyes (opened). If we do twice a day like this the tears coming, eye burning will get away from us.
* Take the leaves, stem, root separately and take essence from them separately by grinding and squeezing. Mix with 750 ml good gingely (sesame) oil and boil well till getting red color. Keep the oil in a bottle by filtering well after getting cool. This oil can be applied for head and take bath every once in a week will cure all eye defects.
* The dicoction made by boiling water with petals of lotus flower and mixed with palm sugar can be used for getting all body heat, enhancing memory power in the body.
* Consuming daily half tumbler of the dicoction made by boiling water with lotus petals will remove all types of allergies.