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    Side effects and allergies from medicines

    Normally medicines prescribed by doctors has no side effect to one as the doctors are prescribing the medicines after thorough observation of the patient and medicine. They will prescribe the medicines according to patient and not according to disease. That is what many people suggesting not to take medicines without consulting doctors.
    As the medicines are taken to the liver directly to digest along with food items, the difference or change in the digestive system only leads to allergy in some bodies. This is called pro-drug. In some cases the medicines got digested quickly and in such cases the medicine will do nothing but in some cases the digestion will take slowly and leads to allergy. This difference of digestion is because of the genes and other diseases in them.
    There are cumulative effects, late effects, simple effects in the digestive system of medicines. In some cases of simple effects for example the medicine given for cold leads to itches in some parts of body as the medicine starts reducing the bacteria in the body some type of fungus will get formed and leads to itches. To find out such allergies only doctors are doing various types of tests in our body. We get annoyed by this ignorantly.
    We should note ourselves which medicines are making allergy to us when we experienced and should tell the doctor on our next visit so as the doctor could diagnose effectively.
    Totally speaking, it is good to have a particular general medicine doctor for our entire family as it could enable the best diagnosing and thereby tests unnecessarily repeated as he knows us and our family members well in advance.
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    In a routine process when we make a visit to a physician, we are asked for a briefings about the problem along with the impacts & outcomes so far. With this & if possible be more clear about the additional information that you are aware of & is not communicated to the doctor yet. This would be much better if we can carry with ourselves the past records as well.

    Other then keeping with a family physician, this would also be better if we are on a regular check-ups & need not to tell that if the prescribed medicine doesn't suite you or resulting in some allergies or having side effects then immediately go on for consultancy & replace the medicine.

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    First of all we must totally avoid from taking allopathy or English medicine on our own, without consultation from doctor as self medication could even prove fatal. Some medicines have to be taken with other supplements and that decision is taken only by the doctor. One can also take the advise of the experienced chemists in this regard as they are habituated to give those medicines for the ailments suggested by the doctor. That is why if first does have some negative effect or allergy, we must immediately stop the medicine and seek alternative , otherwise the situation would turn bad to worse.
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    'Normally medicines prescribed by doctors has no side effect to one as the doctors are prescribing the medicines after thorough observation of the patient and medicine'.

    I would disagree with this statement. Doctors and pharmacist know about the side effects of medicines but it is not easy to predict who will develop side effects and who will not. Hence the doctors often ask us, do you have any allergy to medicines? So, even after thorough observation, still allergies and side effect can happen.

    For instance, we all take paracetamol or Crocin regularly but this can cause a rash or even liver failture when the dose in more.

    We all take pain killers like burfen or Imol etc but these can cause bleeding from the stomach or kidney failure. Fortunately the incidence is low unless these are 'misused or abused'.

    With regards to the rest of the thread, I agree with the author about us telling all the related details before the doctor gives us medicines or injections. It is good to have a regular doctor like a family physician who would know us well. But for a good number of people it would not be practical during to frequent moves, transfers or long distances. What would be good in such situations is to have an accurate medical record about us.

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    Medicines are made from the various chemicals and chemical compounds. Due to their curing action in various diseases and ailments, they are prescribed by the doctors on case to case basis.

    These medicines will definitely have some side actions leading to other problems in the body. There is a lot of research going on in this field and that is the main reason why some of the medicines are removed from the market and new medicines take their place.

    The primary reason of prescribing a medicine is to cure the patient and at that time the doctor ignores about the side actions. He has no other option.

    Knowledge is power.

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